No one thinks so.

Kit got bored quickly.

Billy snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.

Roland can't find a babysitter for Friday night.

They did what they promised to do for you.

Why weren't we told the truth?

Doug canceled his appointment at the last moment.

Her success at singing made her famous.


He wants to advance in the world.

"I don't have my license with me." "No problem, I'll drive."

Edward rolled up the window.


That's what I'm here to ask you.

Ginny shops online.

Those books aren't yours?

Coming right up, sir.

The girl threw her arms around her father's neck.

This is the first time I've ever switched on this lamp.

I wonder who Kuldip plans to ask to the prom.

When Novo woke up, he felt ashamed of his abusive behaviour towards Knute the previous night.

Isaac couldn't be contacted.

May I come again?

The meeting is to be held next week.

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We didn't know each other at the time.

I figured I might be able to help.

Debbie said it could take a fews hours to do it.

Isn't it strange?

They loaded the tank on the flatcar.

What did you tell Linda?

Gypsy is going to love it here.


Do you still love them?


Would you like to come to my place?

Death to the king!

Is this a picture of your own painting?

Tell me his name.

So how did Elliott take it?


I am crazy for them!

They devised ingenious solutions.

In the US, a gay union is permitted only in some states.


I don't think Hazel is going to Boston.

I am learning for you.

Terry all but accused Rusty of being a thief.

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Let the buyer beware.

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Tyler was crying like a baby.

What if you make yourself ill? An unbalanced diet leads to all kinds of sicknesses.

He can no more swim than I can fly.

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That's wrong!


There's nothing to be scared of.


Florian is picking flowers.


We just ate sushi and drank beer.

Why didn't he stop smoking?

The firefighters could not put out the fire at the industrial plant.


Why is that important?


I have not been busy for two days.


Do we have to protect her?

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Rebecca doesn't need to cancel his vacation.

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Jeffie deserves to go to jail.

Leith will be back after a while.

I liked this striped shirt.


What do you want from us?

Things like this don't usually happen.

She weighs fifty five kilograms.

This hospital has a lot of new equipment.

No time-wasters.


You have to help her, but quickly.

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Rajesh looks like he's too tired to help us right now.

Sometimes that just isn't enough.

She also writes about loss and trauma.

May I borrow a duplicate key for Room 360?

I'm giving it to them.


There is a bomb in the plane!

Hsi thinks Srivatsan made the right choice.

All the crew were saved.

I thought Billy would be upset.

He will not escape punishment.


He quietly knocked at the door.

That's not how we think.

You aren't jealous, are you?

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Sean may not resign willingly.

She left her keys in the car.

I thought she was angry at me because I didn't pay the bill in time.


What can we do for you?


I'm happy Jagath is doing OK.

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My grandmother cooked for five.

Honzo was groping around in the dark for his glasses.

Have you ever seen snow?

Many an insect deriving its delicate colour from harmless leaves and herbs, was stained anew that day by dying men, and marked its frightened way with an unnatural track.

Bankruptcy is to the employer what dismissal is to the employee.


The fire raged and consumed the whole village.


Are you satisfied with the political situation in your country?

I had to trust someone.

Stephen sat on the motorcycle behind Lindsey.


Pluto is not alone. It has a friend named Charon.

I will call a policeman.

Do you want me to repeat the question?


I can't get my hands on that kind of money.

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Call me when you get there, so I know you're safe.

I didn't agree to meet them.

I became weary of waiting for her.

Everything is going to be okay so there's no need to worry.

Feeling hot, I turned on the fan.

This drug works well.

The dam gave way and sent a great flush of water down the valley.


I'll try to find them for you.


We can't promise that.

Charcoal drawing is easier than oil painting, but both are harder than I thought.

If it rains the day after tomorrow I'll be inside.

Were you trying to escape?

Some animals are active at night.

The hounds flushed the fox out of its hiding place.

I'm not a stalker.

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I'm a high school graduate so I am that much able to answer high school problems and such.

And every one is harsh that's new in power.

Death is permanent.


If you wish to get on in the world, you must not shrink from effort.


Where will you go for the vacation?


I choose to be happy.


Violet wrote a letter once a month.

It's hearsay.

He's a Chinese-American.


"Will you have another slice of pie?" "Yes, please."

Do any of these interest you?

Peggy needs to make an urgent telephone call.

What'll we do?

The stars look very beautiful tonight.


Two different parties with common interests were on the warpath when he cut in to settle the dispute.

I got a premium for subscribing to the magazine.

The moon lights the way.

Buffalo bones were made into tools.

She's younger than me.

I got to the station this morning.

We've all been wrong.

Izumi bought Jerald a puppy.

Have you ever put your baby into bed?

It is impossible for you to be too careful of your health.

People who have children are happier than people who don't have children.

I got shampoo in my eyes and it hurts.

I'll never forget this.


She was about thirty years old, and had a sufficiently plump and cheerful face, though it was twisted up into an odd expression of tightness that made it comical.


There is no shortcut to success.


Pierce lives in a quiet neighborhood.

It's not just performance that's important, but also appearance.

That matter was decided by the Supreme Court.


Charlie's words came back to bite him.

Tharen wants to become a famous singer.

Oh no, really?

Erwin is sure to know what we should do.

But that's not the last train, right?


Kenn told me he was in a hurry.

This is Art's motorcycle, I think.

The old man sat all alone.

My stomach hurts.

You must prepare for the worst.

Nearly three.

She goes to the dentist every other day.