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I have some business to do in the Boston office.


The bee alighted on the flower.

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We're getting to know each other.


The earth centers on the sun.


Cut it in half.

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Did you ever notice this before?

I am really aggressively looking for a boyfriend

Nobody told us that we needed visas.


She looked for her bag here and there.

You must be tired.

The child was playing with wooden blocks.

She didn't go to school because she was sick.

Do you know the French equivalent of the word?


He closes the door and locks it.

The school stands about one mile off.

We've arrived safely.

Clare didn't have a job.

I had a fender bender on my way to work.

He paid the money on the spot.

If the sun were to rise in the west, I wouldn't change my mind.

Marian's limp is psychosomatic.

She is mixing with the wrong crowd.

I can only discuss it with him.

Maybe I missed something.

Now stop crying.

Tell them I said hi.


Would you mind staying home and taking care of the children?

It will be over soon.

We're helpless.

Sandra's mind went blank when he got up to give the eulogy at Klaus's funeral.

The criminal begged the judge for mercy.

I'd suggest you buy it.

I didn't want you to leave.

My father is sweeping the garage.

I go shopping every other day.

Radio is a great invention.

I couldn't run fast enough to keep up with them.

I can't eat anything today.

We will learn the Abjad in this lesson.


She grew even more worried.


My cat likes my keyboard.


John has a natural talent for tennis.

I can't think of a single reason.

Judging from the present look of the sky, we may have a downpour any moment.

I went out in spite of the rain.

Didn't you get one?


It is in the cards that he will succeed.


We need to decide whether to accept or reject your request.

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By the way, have you heard from her since then?

Jerald couldn't help it.

Sanjay sprained his ankle while hiking.

I know you aren't stupid enough to believe that.

You'd better hurry up if you want to get home before dark.

When was the last time you used a fax machine?

These days few people suffer from tuberculosis.

I hope we stay in touch.

He is the only person that I known who is equal to the task.

This day started like any other ordinary day.

How awful!

Could I see the timetable?

We firmly believe that when composing sentences, the author should avoid falling into the bad habit inherent in the use of too many unnecessary words, which are actually absolutely superfluous in light of the intended meaning.


Please give him a dose of medicine every six hours.

I think Linley is insecure.

Jose tried to take the microphone away from Sho.

They were professional killers.

Sid found Plastic dead in the bathroom.

Wisdom is necessary to understand wisdom: music does not exist to a deaf audience.

Not knowing where to get off the bus, I asked the driver.


Kathy is preoccupied with something.

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I think you're both right.

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I can prevent that from happening again.

I don't think Margot is planning to help us.

Did you feel that?

Kay is a real estate agent.

I said get out!


Try not to make random statements.

Todd Jackson is the president of this company.

I don't know what is or has been wrong, but several times when I tried to log onto the site today, I couldn't do it.

She is always thinking of moneymaking schemes.

It's difficult to give an objective definition of terrorism, as it is practically different in every country.

You are washing dishes.

His extravagance is out of proportion to his wage.


Are you listening to music?


She felt something between love and hatred.

They found the body of a newborn baby in a freezer.

You're better able to do it than I am.

I hardly ever need help.

You had some, didn't you?

Novorolsky ate the banana without washing his hands.

Ole is a pretty good guy.


I'm not sure what Novorolsky's plan is.

Dan doesn't appear to be paying attention.

Rodent is very interested in Australian history.

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That doesn't have to happen.

At what time do you finish?

He's doing his German homework.

The word is unfamiliar to me.

Hsi said he wasn't going to make any announcements.


Mario knew nothing about cooking Chinese food.

Susumu was always so cheerful.

They made Bruce an offer.

Raghu asked Malus to marry him, but she turned down his proposal.

Have you seen my purse?

What she said was completely meaningless.

Vick clearly has a point.

We're playing in the garden.

We'll speak to them later.

Bert can't ever seem to make up his mind.

Samuel introduced himself.


We speak.


Thanks for being my guide.


It's not a coincidence.


I'll go tell everybody.

I've heard that you can kill werewolves by shooting them with silver bullets.

Can I buy you lunch?

If you float a one yen coin on water and move a magnet slowly towards it then the coin will approach the magnet.

I brought you some aspirin.

Can you imagine Owen doing that?

Bring as many boxes as you can carry.

She never told me.

Can't you see it's bigger than the both of us?

The girl let the bird loose.

I see what you meant.

Benson took the bottle from Frederic and looked at the label.

I don't think we have to go any further.

Lana gave the waiter a very good tip.

I couldn't think of anything appropriate to say.

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We can't stay for dinner.


This table is wonky.

We don't swim.

Our streets flood when it rains.

They're awake.

But he is bad at reading English.

I'll be there as soon as I can.

He got the money by a trick.


This car is a pile of rubbish.

My father doesn't like football.

I'm not prepared for this.

Kerry got up and walked out of the bar.

It could've been a gun.


I'm satisfied with my work.

There are a lot of people who want to talk to Urs.

I didn't kill Jelske.

The situation at home is getting more unbearable every day.

The darkest place is under the candlestick.


Hartmann is breaking the law.

I thought Hamilton was a nice guy.

These flowers can be seen around Hokkaido.


Stay as long as you wish.

This isn't as hard as it looks.

Dimitry thanked Hon for helping him decorate his Christmas tree.

War makes you poorer and weaker, even if you win.

That disease is incurable.

You're enjoying yourself.

They were vacant apartments or homes.

I want to improve my English.

We were very tired at the time.

Devil may come.

Joyce has unrealistic expectations.

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There's nothing better than a good cup of coffee to start off the day.

If you could come, I'd be really happy.

Could you wake me up when Merril gets here?

Should I tell Tomas it's an emergency?

The ice is so thin that it won't bear your weight.