I owe her 300 dollars.

Shinko disputed with him about it.

A photograph cannot explain the reasons.

She did it single-handedly.

Hey, Liber! Did you know changing your name is actually possible?

It's too cold.


If there is such a thing as an unforgivable act, it is the act of not forgiving.

How long have you two been going out together?

The words escaped my lips.


You must get off at the next station.

He made a frank admission.

There are six fish inside the tin can.


She has big boots.

Who are your friends on Tatoeba?

I won't smoke from today on.

He was a great poet as well as a doctor.

I never learned how to swim.


Are you angry at him?

Did you eat anything bad?

The file must be ready for tomorrow.

I just cleaned all the tables.

Gail wasn't expecting it.


Jacob takes after his mother.


We have a lot of children's books in the library.


Nothing special.

I'm still job hunting.

Don't drop that cup.

Make sure you don't do anything stupid.

The boy sat on a chair.


I don't understand why Deb is here.

Mac licked his fingers.

If it was easy, it wouldn't be a challenge.

They devised ingenious solutions.

He stood against the wall.

China is much larger than Japan.

I'm just happy for Lynn.


Even after Derek had been drinking all night, he didn't find Ami attractive.


You don't have to be nervous.

I feel a lot better now.

Idling away your time is not good.


I don't think you should follow Sjaak's advice.


He motioned us away.

A little lower.

I'd like to tell you the truth.

You did a favor for me when you said this.

Cynthia had to agree.

Socorrito is anxious to know the results.

We're not getting anywhere.


I sent about 2.2 billion spam emails over a period of around one and a half years.

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I know what they're capable of.

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He stooped down and pulled out a large box, filled quite full with shining gold pieces.

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Stretch the pizza with your hands.

A face as ill as yours and it isn't important? If you change your mind, a trip to the hospital is the best option, alright?

His bread is buttered on both sides.

You caught nothing.

I bleed when I have bowel movements.

Why don't you cut Kyle a little slack?

She watched him continue to fight as hard as he could.

Is there anything else I can get you?

My father set the alarm for six o'clock.

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Vilhelm has seen enough.

They govern themselves.

Tell me the reason you were absent from school yesterday.

It was very daring of you to say that.

I'm sure Mac won't mind.

We are to go on a picnic tomorrow.

Rumors of defeat were circulating.

All legitimate claims will be settled.

Who's been talking to Stanley?

Dan made Linda a sandwich.

You're still working part time at a bakery?


After I had thought about this elementary question fundamentally, I came to the conclusion that the difference, which is often described as "considerable" or "substantial" by distinguished people, between the indispensable words "important" and "essential" isn't significant, but rather is irrelevant.

Are, then, these people to believe you are doing this for them?

What are we going to do with Donn?

He barely speaks to me anymore.

I need to warn Olaf that there may be a few problems.

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They also learn from watching and imitating.


Would you like this?

Rajeev could do nothing.

I'd have given anything to be there.

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No, it can't be! She can't be dead!

To tell the truth, I don't like his way of thinking.

Luc is a very good cook.

I expect you to pay off all your debts.

I've known Hui all my life.

Juha is well known.

How much milk is there left?

It's not going well, is it?

Can you take on the job?

You should've told me you weren't planning on going with us.

It's time to decide.


Last night I ralphed.


We have a lot of food.

Evan doesn't think that is a good idea.

If you do your best, you're likely to succeed.

When I was a student, I used to go to that pizza parlor.

Jani lives above me and Mari lives below me.


Personality is important, but looks are important as well.


The boss has been on his high horse all month long.

Do you want to look at this?

He is one of the most generous people I know.

That isn't the point.

All kinds of women inspire me.


Carl is never coming home again, is he?

We're all going to do a good job.

Saqib doesn't have the time to help Lila right now.

Was it in May that I was born?

"Two dragonflies are mating on your head." "I didn't feel them landing. Are they still on my hair?" "No, they just took flight again." "Oh, now I see them. How beautiful they are!"


They put their two children's names down for school.

Kemal never wanted to divorce again.

The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be.


He bought land for the purpose of building a house.


We didn't choose them.


Dimetry couldn't have done it without Markus's help.

His car fell into the lake.

They became friends in elementary school.

Her cheeks were tinged with pink.

Jinchao is aiming at a bird.


Don't let them do it.

When the full moon falls down on the roof at night, all the farmers are woken up.

There were some unexpected questions.

Wayne's dying for that apple.

I never do anything embarrassing.

Excuse me a moment.

Many of Laurie's clients are millionaires.

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Andries cooks with gas.

Mahesh finished cleaning the kitchen and then started cleaning the living room.

Endoscopy is a medical procedure that uses an endoscope.

Wouldn't that be fantastic?

Grace was quite upset.

They lived in Norway for a while.

I just don't trust him.

You're needed here immediately.

Did you take a shower today?


How I'd like to be with you!


Some of them were wounded.

Women are always buying hats.

You said you were ready.

It was working.

We bought the cheapest tea.


Let's just listen.

Everything in Nature contains all the powers of Nature.

Do you have any idea what that is?

All the guys teased me about it.

Tommy kept focused.

He forgave me.

It's time to go to work.

Bigger is not always better.

Compared to our house, his is virtually a palace.


Taurus is waiting in the backyard.

My blue dress appeared with a blood stain.

Rajiv spent a lot of money.

Tell me the bad news first.

Leo accumulated a large fortune.

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Vishal heard someone running down the hall.

It is difficult to make up for wasted time.

He has decided to become a teacher.

A stream flows into the lake.

Nothing will happen to me.


Intonation is very important. It can completely change the meaning.


I fell in love with a woman.