Do you want to do this or not?


The two strongest teams will clash with each other this weekend.


I feel like going out.

My father is in the habit of reading the newspaper before breakfast.

Ole's car was riddled with bullet holes.

The hour-long concert at the Kennedy Center was broadcasted live on TV last night.

You make me feel safe.


Pravin died in Boston in 2013.


I don't know why I even thought I had a chance with Those.


Here, use my key.

You have to get rid of your philosophy of novelties.

Jean-Christophe has done so much already.

Will you look after my dog while I'm out?

That was sweet.

I asked for a refund.

They are superior to us in learning.


Do I know her?

How would you define faithfulness?

My cousin is the last man but one in the line.

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The fact is that he knows nothing about it.

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What's the minimum salary in Finland?

Art knew where Arlene wanted to eat.

Erik has a younger brother, doesn't he?

Sedovic doesn't like baseball very much.

In my excitement, I wasn't aware of time.

Myrick hung his jacket up.

I lived in Sasayama for three years.

Did you all clean your room?

His son's name is Anton.

It sounds crazy.

Can't you get somebody else to help you?

They are as different as day and night.

I really need a vacation.

Pets are a privilege, not a right!

Young people must respect the law.


There is a lot of food in the larder.

Earth, Mars and Jupiter are planets.

I no longer love Vern.


I take it.

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My company is sending us all to Hakone this year.


Will is all alone.

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Let's pretend this never happened.

Please put away this box for me.

We can't just fire Vishal.


Are you happy with your appearance?

Some people have a more miserable life than you. Try to tolerate!

You are living a dream, and the dream is about to end.


John's business has turned out to be a complete failure.

A boy snatched my purse as he rode by on his bicycle.

I am to go there today.

I felt sorry for him.

A band led the parade through the city.

Place this book back where it was.

Elric is the only boy Eliot knows who is afraid of rabbits.

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I'll wait upstairs.


Prices range from the low $30 to the high $50.

The Diet is now in recess in session.

Lorenzo is a timid boy.

It can also kill crops.

The Prime Minister said that the enquiry would establish who knew what, when.

The problem was time.

Literature reflects human activity as carried on by the best minds.

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This computer can cope with much work.

She is looking forward to seeing him again.

I'll be able to see you one of these days.

He won't bite.

Earnie inherited the family business.

Whatever you do, do it quietly.

I like weak coffee better than strong.

Talking is one thing, doing is another.

This bicycle is old, but it's better than nothing.


Please make a donation.

Stanly asked me the same thing.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Kierkegaard

Rodney said he heard gunshots.

They had no rights.

My son is not a snob.

But for his timely rescue, I would have drowned.

He asked me to pass him the salt.

Whatever is, is.

I looked for them.

Lars told Alain that he was tired.

This plan is being discussed right now.

Are you losing weight?

It was an extremely stupid thing to do.

Guillermo looks sick.


There is no clock in my room.


Judith won't let you down.

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We walked for a long time.


We're very good friends.

You're the most fantastic person of my life.

That's what I like.

Anyway, somehow you succeeded.

A favorable review of your play will appear in the next issue.

The engine has broken down again.

All things change, and we also change with them.


With perseverance, even the snails boarded the ark.

Dan asked Linda's father if he could date his daughter.

Do you have something that's good for a cough?

Are there public restrooms in this building?

You may leave.


We'll do this later.


Why did Helge agree to help Tammy?

I just talked with them.

Do you know what the problem is?

I like the smell of freshly-baked bread.

And your parents? When are they arriving?

That's probably going to fall.

We must respect others.

Sridharan's wife just died.

Something has happened to him.

Lar is obsessed with learning French.

Then the young bird felt that his wings were strong, as he flapped them against his sides, and rose high into the air.

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How many stops from here?

A fast child may win the race, but even a slow child can compete.

I won't stop you.

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I'm still concerned.

Wild animals roamed across the plains.

His son cannot so much as write his own name.

I smell something rotten.

It isn't always summer.

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He went to bed early but did not go to sleep until almost 2 in the morning.

Andrea isn't bleeding.

The ship sailed along the coast of Shikoku.

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We had a stroke.

Heather is getting to be an old man.

His last movie was very successful.


I forbid you to speak with anyone about what just happened.

It's within about two weeks.

Julia won't have to wait for Marc.

Old men are children twice over.

I'm glad your cold is better.

Norm is my sister's boy.

What time do you want to meet?


Don't tell your dirty jokes in the presence of children.

Tran cooks for Vistlik.

I believe you all know him.

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The boy liked to keep his pencils sharp.


Adoptions have gone up 600% since the epidemic of vagina dentata began.

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Please let me talk to Surya.

Is that a confession?

She knew his secret.

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No, I don't understand.


I have lost both principal and interest.

Who does Matti work for?

Are we going to talk about this or not?


I have a good crew.

I need some help with my work.

I think they'll be late.

Rajarshi shivered convulsively.

The stream is not very swift.


Napoleon Bonaparte ruled France at that time.

Will you be in Boston this weekend?

Look at it closely.

I talked too much.

I finished the race.


Participants in a seance try to contact the dead.


She loves trying new things.