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I think it's cool.

I don't know what to think of this.

Seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere.

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The convict was pardoned after serving his sentence.


France, I love you!

We waved flags to welcome members of our baseball team.

Shari couldn't understand why June had to quit her job.

Don't get so carried away.

I've never seen you like that before.

You were wrong in not listening to him.

Nelken is still a kid.


He belongs to the planning section.

Naoto regrets buying the car sight unseen, because it's broken down twice in two months.

I will be through with the book in no time.

But after she does that with the first glass, what is she going to do with the second one?

Cliff died during his stay in Boston.

I wonder where Loyd learned how to do that.

They accepted each other.

We have a holiday today.

The test says I was a king in my previous life.

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She appreciates his parents' love.

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Sometimes water becomes a precious commodity.


Dan, a mafia boss, sheltered all of his money in Switzerland.

Above all, I want to be healthy.

I am helping my sister to do her math exercises.

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The distance from the sun to the earth is about 93 million miles.

Afghanistan is a landlocked country.

I am beginning to understand it.

You know very well what Sidney wants.

What if we don't find them?

Come on, Jin, I'll race you.

She's just a child.


I want to play tennis with you someday.

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They awarded him a gold medal for his achievement.


I think it's not worth the risk.


Don knows he won't get in trouble.

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Flowing water does not stagnate.

Be careful with that thing.

Barrett and Knut talked for at least an hour.


He tends to get upset over nothing.


I always enjoy playing tennis with Sehyo.

This is a historic moment.

I make a point of ignoring people who write with spelling erors.

You be quiet.

I think you might want to check this out.

We did it with the greatest pleasure.

He was thinking, with his arms folded.

In the middle of the city, there is a fountain.

What kind of food do you usually cook?

I should never even have suggested such a thing.

You can stop the thrust of a liquid rocket by turning off the flow of propellants.

Pat really likes basketball.

I'd rather tell him in person.


The more you suffer in life, the more compassionate you become.

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The person reading a book on the bench under the tree is Sergei.


Just being is good enough.

She has invited me to attend her wedding.

I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this is true.


Would you like to come to my party?


Fill out the application.

Jin is not used to being made fun of in the presence of others.

It's unlikely that I'll have time to finish this project before next week.

I've never been very good at tennis.

Who do they think they're kidding?

Is it really OK?

I took a step backwards.


Nhan won't come until Monday.


This did not satisfy Holly, and the relationship between them became more distant.

Why are we dealing with her?

Each cat has its own personality.

Marguerite is so happy.

I wanted to help, but there was nothing I could do.

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He gave her a quick kiss.


The old man tends to exaggerate.

I panicked.

You ate an apple, yay!

What're you referring to?

I don't know who my ancestors are. Our papers got lost during the Flood.


These cookies are absolutely delicious.

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Wayne's foot had to be amputated after it had become infected with gangrene following a severe frostbite.

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He wants to be more independent.


Edmund thanked Marilyn for saving him.

Are you going to go there?

Is this the place where the accident happened?


He was careless as to leave the door open.

We all learn by experience.

The last time I saw Masanao was about a year ago.

Drink turmeric and turn fair-skinned.

Do you want a spot of coffee?


You caught three birds.


Tell Gabriel I've broken a leg.


I have to be honest. I was a little bit nervous the first time I had an MRI scan.

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I prefer the one who loves me.


People die in wars.


That scientist wrote a lot of science texts.

He was not hungry.

We should read at least one book a month.

He achieved his purpose of studying abroad.

I think you should cut Vincenzo some slack.

Medical innovations are the best way to relieve us from sufferings.

For many years, Lynnette has been constantly complaining about his traumatic childhood, but there are many people who were similarly abused in their childhood who did not end up like Brenda.


I wish Anatole could've come to my concert.

You are not looking!

The police had to retrieve the murder weapon to prove Dan's guilt.


Nobody would notice.

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Did you sleep with that woman?

I've got a complaint.

We needed this rain.

It snowed a lot.

That could add to costs.

Having much to do, I felt depressed.

It's pretty bad.

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Something is wrong with my typewriter.


It's easier to make money when you already have some.

The kids are all fired up.

Thomas lost his balance and fell down.

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Dan was attacked by a wolf.

I still have a lot of pages to read.

She was so beautiful that anyone could see that she was a real Princess.

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Conservative people always tell us to act within our station.

How does that song go?

There was no one to stop Rolf.

What did you do during the holidays?

Discover the world!

Let's talk about this tomorrow.

They brought us a basket of fruit.

I have not yet recovered from this disease.

Not until I visited Australia did it become clear to me how small Japan is.

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Marie kept winning.

You don't need to answer any more questions.

I couldn't sleep well last night because there were lots of things on my mind.

It's because of you that Hamilton decided to go home early.

When did you begin to learn English?

How long should I microwave this?

You're quite a philosopher.


The treasure lay hidden for a long time.


The Texans began to organize their own army.


Heinz has broken a few things.

It is astonishing to witness that the Iranians, onto whom the Arabs imposed Islam through military defeat, have become its most zealous followers to the point of oppressing those of Zoroastrianism, though it is the religion of their own fathers. A kind of Stockholm syndrome on the national scale.

Suzan called and asked how everything was going.

She seemed to be very happy with him.

We'll be fast.


Colin has powerful arms.


The bear is big.

Nobody collect the lost things.

Vance is a very busy person.

The dog sniffed her luggage.

Take Starbuck upstairs.


We might not have enough time to do that.


I'm famished!