Dan was reassigned to work at the sales department.

I wish Jenine's father would let me talk to her.

I can't exactly tell Seenu that.

Do you think we should do it?

Carisa might know where Lonhyn lives.

I'm sick of eating out every night.

I see their point.

Sean pulled a funny face to try to stop his baby crying.

Mr Wilder gave me your e-mail address.

Shankar spent three days in jail.

The pilot made a perfect three-point landing.


Let them relax.


Isidore was a little overwhelmed by it all.

Shut that door.

My wife is subject to moods.


I don't like playing with him. We always do the same things.

Why don't you ask her?

Are both of you ready to go?

A new school of fiction has grown up.

I would've done that anyway.

Edgar gave me a really cool gift.

Never have I heard so terrible a story.


Did I say something wrong?

I don't want to live all by myself.

He is old, but at all events he works well.

Excuse me, have you got a light?

She stopped talking.

Brahe invented many instruments such as the Tyconian Quadrant which were widely copied and led to the invention of improved observational equipment.

Sitting in the sleigh of a boozer, you'll sing along his drunken songs.

I want that later.

You might be interested to know that Toerless just broke out of prison.

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I have no face to turn to.


Quit acting like a child.

I wasn't sure you'd come.

I don't rest them against the wall.

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China is larger than Japan.

He was educated at Oxford.

We will be landing in 15 minutes.


Suwandi sent a note to Jeannie.

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The court's decision could be announced today.

He retired to his hometown, where he lived a quiet life.

Why do you need money?

She was buried alive.

Toby cares about his health.

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I'll catch a ride with her.


Find the radius of the excircle of the triangle.


I don't read newspapers much.

I just wish you'd talk to me.

Ted is the second pitcher on the baseball team.

Nothing would make me happier.

I've decided to go to Boston for the summer.

Do you want to play?

Donn had a moral dilemma: should she tell the police that the man in the CCTV footage of the hold-up, looked like Jianyun?


I'm the only one who survived the accident.


We're friends since Monday.

Does she own a pet?

This noise is something which I refuse to put up with.

Do you understand French?

I know him better than anyone.

My wife really hates cats.

Yes, of course.

Take your seat.

Try to find out if everything he said is true.

Glynn seldom makes mistakes when he's speaking French.

You must not take it on any account.

You'll be all right now.

You can talk here.

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I didn't take the wrong umbrella.

I tried to keep my teacher at a distance.

Rafael glanced right and then left.

I want you to meet her.

I've never heard of that stereotype!

My name is Jisung.

I know you've spent the last three years in prison.


I've managed to talk him into buying a new bed.


Japan imports most of the energy resources it needs.

It's important to read many books in one's life.

Daryl went backstage to see if he could meet some of the band members.

My heart broke at the sight of the dying birds.

Why don't you come in for a cup of coffee and a chat?

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I was told not go out, which advice I followed.

Jesse stepped into the shower.

We will just go to the market.

The traffic accident took place on the main highway.

She wouldn't even piss on me if I were on fire.

Do they sell phone credit?

See you tomorrow in church!


Can you tell us what the ingredients are?


We didn't know which bus we would take.

Do you really have no home?

They are excellent.


Has this happened often?


Are you sure what we just saw was a monkey?

The project was nipped in the bud.

I spoke with her today.

Connie had to go to the emergency room by ambulance.

It may have been Niall who did this.

Both are pretty; I don't know which to choose.

Whoo! I'm feeling that sake. I'm getting blurred vision and it's hard to walk.

Ruth will never quit.

Why are these girls so mean?

He types extremely fast but with lots of mistakes.

Bye for now.

He did it right away.

This story sounds very unlikely to me.

On the whole, the event was successful.

If I can win the lottery, then I won't have to sell my daughters.

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There's no way I can do it.

She's really smart, isn't she?

Klearchos tried to force the soldiers to go; but they threw stones at him.


She is easily distracted.

She committed a crime.

Does Stuart believe in magic?

I'm looking for Suzanne.

Legislators in the Diet are struggling to find a solution to the problem.

Theo was a science teacher.

I should've phoned Rajendra before I went over to see him.

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She's getting ready.

He had the nerve to say that.

They hugged her.

Paco draws cityscapes.

He delayed answering the letter.


He did the reverse of what I asked.


Life has been hard on Rebecca.

We'll look after you.

Such measures were not necessary.

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Their company guarantee is for thirty days.


I have nothing to boast about.

She returned to where her brother was last seen.

I hate infinite scrolling, because I strongly believe that users should have a right to choose if they want to load the next page or not.

She choked him with her bare hands.

How did you learn to dance so well?


You had better ask the doctor for advice.


Barrett arrived at just the right time.

Sabrina and I usually agree with each other.

Languages differ in how many basic colour terms they have.

Vernon wouldn't provide details.

Tait has to work tomorrow.


They were only interested in selling books.

The front door won't open.

Murph never told me how beautiful you were.

It's going to explode!

Jwahar has gone camping.


He won the race again.


I'm a vegan.

Cliff sat on the sofa.

The boat was very crowded.

Santa is the only boy Jared knows who is afraid of rabbits.

Not bad. I can earn a good enough living.

A ragged coat may cover an honest man.

What do you think of her attitude?

This is my table.

Why do men behave like apes, and vice versa?

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Only Takeuchi did not accept the invitation.


Your apprehensions were justified.

Please see to it that the child does not go near the pond.

It's almost clear that in Madrid there's a time zone!

He lost his father when he was three years old.

I will buy you a new word processor.

The boy could not keep up with activities in school.

Is there someplace else you could stay?


Jean-Christophe will keep you posted.