The girl likes the dog.

Elijah didn't even notice Orville had dyed her hair a different color.

I want to read it.

Randolph is my mother.

There's too much sex and violence in today's movies.

I've noticed that having fun doesn't interfere at all with your studies. I just can't.

I wish I had a boyfriend like Nils.

I need someone competent to wrap up the case.

We can't let Theodore die.

Anne is about three years older than Kees.

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May you have a very happy married life!


He's trying to get on his boss's good side.


Arlene hesitated for a moment before answering Vassos.


Where do you think I should go?


Whenever I'm in trouble, I confer with him.

Joyce was paid three hundred dollars.

Was there a book on the desk a moment ago?

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Why do you think that was?


"I'm jealous of your height." "Really? There's nothing good about being tall. You hit your head on the ceiling and all that."

These German translators are so unproductive, Tatoeba should delocalise production to Asia!

Eating fish is good for your health.

These diamonds come from South Africa.

I am uneasy about the future of this country.

How are mom and dad?

In deleting his comments, censor-boy maims the record.

You of all people should know the dangers.

The weakest link in the chain is also the strongest. It can break the chain.

Whenever I get on the subway, I put my wallet in my front pocket.

The threatening floods made it necessary to evacuate the town.

Martha knows about this, doesn't he?

I like perfume tea.

What's wrong with telling Olof what happened?


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The boy's toys are in the bathroom.

I'm not related to her.

Tell her it's not your fault.

When the Moon and Sun are in a perfect line, it is called a total eclipse. These are very rare. Most people only see one in their lifetime.

Brooke and I have been friends since middle school.

Elvis was my cellmate.

Krzysztof is inflating a balloon.

That was an awkward moment.

Not much soccer is played there.


A lot of houses were on fire.

Young men are prone to fall into temptation.

But if you put the kitten between the whales, he'll be warm.

I wonder if Corey's parents will allow him to go with us.

Hal followed us here.

I guess both of us want to leave.

Things look good.

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Is that funny to you?

He is popular with everybody.

In America there's the same school for everyone.

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Where's it used?

However if you get carried away you'll risk failure so take care!

Lilies smell sweet.


I know how angry Sharon is.


I live in your world.

Scott lived abroad for three years.

I can't do that to Ozan.

Shai has been working all day long.

It was careless of me to leave the gas on.

Good job, Captain Obvious.

Please let me out.

Did you know Kees is pretty good at speaking French?

Are you for or against the plan he put forward at the meeting?

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If there's an emergency, you must run out of the house through this exit.

We feel bad for them.

I worked in a post office during the summer vacation.

I went all the way to see him only to find him not at home.

It's kind of you to say so.

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Have you put on weight?

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Will you lend a hand, Taro?

Like a headless chicken.

Dan, a seasoned flight instructor, wanted Linda to make a perfect landing.

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How do I get to the theater?

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Do you know a good specialty store dealing in herbs?


You people wait here.

The day will soon come when there will be no more wars in the world.

Absolutely nobody saw this coming.


They were chosen at random.

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I have the right to do this.


Were there others with you?

You may not pass, sir.

He talked about her illness.

There's something I want.

Mayo just wanted Son to help him a little more with the children.


The AC's out in my apartment.

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Let's start where we left off yesterday.

Do not open the present yet.

I hate my eyebrows.


She has no one to turn to.

Are Raanan and Susanne still in my office?

We're dreaming about coming back to our apartment.

Don't believe what he says.

A red light is often used as a danger signal.

I am thankful for my children.

My boss was satisfied with what I did.


Tires are made from synthetic rubber.


I, who am poor, cannot afford it.

He's a child actor.

They look great.

I feel like this is going to end badly.

If you had a time machine, where would you go?

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It was very careless of me.

I need a cab.

Robert is hungry and thirsty.

I can have you sent back to Boston.

Nadeem's strength is returning.

When is peak sentences?

There is an apple on the desk.


This is the bell called Big Ben.

Big girls don't cry.

You let Kenneth down.

I didn't know that was happening.

Geoff has always looked after his cars fastidiously.

Josh and Think need to relax.

He gave no further detail.

Liza hired himself an assistant.

You can buy anything you want, as long as it doesn't cost more than three hundred dollars.

What was Nancy's problem with that?

We'd better humor Jayant.

Fear is essential for survival.

All colours will agree in the dark.

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Nancy is very cute, isn't she?

My sister can't start the day without reading her horoscope.

Roman opened the curtains.

Next year, this gravel road will be paved.

I didn't see that coming.

Cathy devoted herself to her sick mother.

He betrays his king and country.

He speaks Japanese well, but I can't speak German.

The voters won't put up for a tax hike.


You can't help but like Rob.


Our principal does no teaching.

Who did you see eating with Linley?

Duncan didn't sound very optimistic.

What a marvelous suggestion!

He is aware of his danger.


Patricia knew what Leads meant.

The stadium was flooded with baseball fans.

You are hearing things.

We're not working for them.

I'm afraid the bank is going to repossess my house.

You should be real proud of yourself.

I'm not going to discuss this.


We're waiting to be served.

We sold those to them, didn't we?

This kitchen is very modern and pretty.

It's too conspicuous.

While one of them sped around major parts of the property on the mower, a second made a few sweeps at some tall weeds on the edge of my wife's garden, and the third got into the truck and smoked a cigarette.


People believe what they want to believe.


Easterly wind blows.

I'll talk with Mott.

I won't ever talk in class again.

I would like to try it. Where is the fitting room?

The teacher is in charge of the third year class.


Like master, like disciple.


To put it briefly, she turned down his proposal.

The lake is certainly swimmable, but there's no point to swimming in it.

I cannot swear at a policeman.


Hawaii is a paradise on earth.