All of us like you very much.

Jane went out of her way to be nice to the new girl.


He was eliminated before he got to the finals.

There are a lot of horses in my neighbourhood.

Translation here is not fundamental.

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Where in the world have you been?


If I do that, Marco will laugh at me.

Ole rented a room.

I'm trying to sleep.

Hastily ran a diligent vibrant and exhausted runner to run a wheelbarrow race that the tyrant's admirer wanted to dispatch in a trumped up excuse.

He works long hours.

Ritalynne and Theo congratulated each other on their promotions.

Are seats available?


Ice cream cones are made of wafer.

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The matter is of no importance.

Lewis thought Betty had made a mistake.

She was in a panic and yelled something inarticulate.

I'd like you to go to the supermarket and buy some bread.

Nobody knows why this kind of thing happens.

Today, I'll sleep on the couch.

Not once did she look at me.


She has as fine a figure as I have ever seen.


The cat is eating the small mouse.

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I was fined for fishing without a license.

They deserved it.

Don't leave me alone with Philippe.

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You can meet us tonight.

Ammonia is a base.

I'll leave when she comes back.

We had no school today!

Here's your margarita.

He left his hometown at the age of fifteen never to return.

Bobbie was a trusted friend.

How long have you been in love with him?

Italian Americans are famous for not being able to speak Italian. It's really a shame!

Years later, Europeans established colonies in the coastal areas.

I have been studying English for four years.

Your hair wants cutting.

She has been planting roses since 12 o'clock.

Do you still want me to help?

Does she understand Italian?

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I just want her to love me.

There are five ways to emancipate themselves from the bond of worldly passions.

You will save your father a lot of worry if you simply write him a letter.


I just thought I should double check.

She is open to people who have a different point of view.

Have you heard anything about her recently?

I haven't received any messages from you in a long time.

Are you famous?

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You were tricked.

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The management finally succumbed to the demand of the workers and gave them a raise.

Watch out! A police spy is snooping around.

That's my jam!

Sriram's cheeks turned red.

Tareq looks slightly puzzled.

Let's break for lunch.

If you cheat, you run the chance of getting arrested.

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Have you checked your email today?


I wouldn't go there on my own.

I'm not afraid of snakes anymore.

Someone needs to tell Thad what happened.

You must work diligently.

I'd like to rent a car, please.

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Why aren't the people in Australia upside down?

Mitch is brighter than you are.

He had his hair cut short.

Stay calm. I promise nothing bad will happen to you.

Leonard told me he wanted to learn French.

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I want to go to Hawaii.

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Ellen doesn't think I can do it, does he?

It's not allowed to paste paper on the wall.

There is a cottage beyond the bridge.

My parents will be home about 2:30.

Those who know won't say, and those who will don't know.


His long absences were starting to provoke suspicion.

Jingbai just sat there.

Good luck with your first week and see you again soon!

Is this jumper machine washable?

I don't know whether he will agree to our plan or not.

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We must make the most of our vacation, as it is so short.

That's the one thing I hadn't thought of.

The train lurched to a standstill.

I've got a little more work.

She whispered it in my ear.


People blamed Carl.

Nicolas is a very gifted artist.

Teri planned to visit Jon the first chance he got.

For now, I'd like to concentrate on this.

Can we get help for them?

Don't eat this.

Frankly, I didn't have the confidence to ask Marsha to have lunch with me.

The AC doesn't work.

Is death the only way out?

I very seldom eat lobster.

Daniel admitted that he was no match for Caleb in golf.

Something is obviously not right with Dan.

Bagpipes produce a very strange sound.

Roy loved Rees.

She came to my aid.


Ted wouldn't have liked that.

I see no point in continuing this conversation.

I'm looking forward to the New Year holidays.

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Nelken went over to the telephone.

I don't know!

This is going to be awesome.

They live close by the airport.

We finally did it.

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You need to stop being so pushy.

Smith was an honest man.

There has been a case of death in his family.


I'll come with you if you want me to.

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I wish I had obeyed his directions.

To my surprise, the child came here by himself all the way from Yokohama.

You must be out of your mind.

If there are a lot of possessive pronouns in the Russian text, you can be sure that it's a bad translation from the English.

When I opened the window, I saw children playing baseball.

He had to leave school because he was poor.

It's necessary for you to go.

Are you going to warn them?

Can you tell us what happened?

I hope it helps!

What should I wear?


Patricio said he didn't have a choice.

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Toms new novel "Ghoti Fischer" would be fast bestseller.

How much fabric do I need for a blouse like this?

She opened the letter quickly.

Thanks for the opportunity.

You have to work harder on your Japanese studies.

Jwahar came to ask for help.

"I hear you quit your job." "Actually, I got fired."

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In soccer, a player is sent off with a red card.

Can't anything be done?

Shaw's situation is different.

What makes you so sure that this won't happen again?

The one thing that a fish can never find is water; and the one thing that man can never find is God.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C.

The plane climbed to an altitude of 10,000 meters.

Tradition holds that writing first appeared in the Sumerian period, three and a half millennia before the common era.

Jitendra gave me his address.

There are a lot of pictures in this book.

She likes to be on her own.


This is your newspaper.


A group of Catholic esperantists listened to him in St Peter's Square.


She lives in a huge house.


I'm pretty sure Geoff's angry.

He tossed and turned all night.

What exactly do you want to do with this money?


Matthew's Jinchao's brother.

One must hide one's suffering from the world.

She is really good with children.


It's a simple matter for me to reconnect the gas.

We've hired them.

Christian bought an old house and said that he would fix it all by himself.

Haa! (The) tears are so funny!

Do not read books in such a dim room.

Go to work, send your kids to school. Follow fashion, act normal, walk on the pavements, watch TV. Save for your old age. Obey the law. Repeat with me: I am free.

The newborn got a beautiful name.

I didn't say I persuaded him.

I had to read this three times before I understood what it meant.

Did you receive my package?

Why do you want to go out with me?

I'm going out in an hour.

Hunter is a realist.


She peeled an apple for him.