He told me that he would see it once more.


Control yourself!

Please call me when you have decided what you would like to do.

I'd like you to go with me.

I feel refreshed.

I've paid my debt to society.

Maybe he is Italian or Spanish.

Morton just wants attention.

This table is made from reclaimed wood.

First thrive and then take a wife.

I found myself listening to his records.

Don't try to be me. Be yourself!


The meeting broke up at seven.

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Ram looked for his pen.


I am tired of eating at the school cafeteria.

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How's it going down there?

I'm happy to see so many friendly faces.

I choose to be happy.

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Did you tell him how you feel?


She was nearly without any money.

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The submarine's periscope was sticking right out of the water.


Don't forget to water the plants!

There's so much I want to do.

Organic compounds are generally molecular compounds.


Joe says that's a good sign.


Hillary wants you to get here ASAP.


The bus arrived ten minutes behind time.

The child's fear worried the parents.

Turkey produces a lot of minerals.

Let's dine out for a change.

He knows how to help people.

Gill knows he can always count on Bud.

We have to tell them about this.

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We'll buy some paraffin.

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Liyuan is the type of person who doesn't usually worry about details.

Not everyone agrees with that.

It's obvious Randal doesn't like Mark anymore.

He has long legs.

Son is really excited.

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I was charged with an important task.

Saumya gave me everything I asked for.

It isn't anywhere near as hot today as it was yesterday.

Can I get you another glass of wine?

What is all this rumpus about?

I ask that you forgive me.

What was it Kim wanted to do?

Maybe you should ask her.

I'm not usually like this.

What street is this?

I have a few things I need to buy.

It's not a road, but a path.

What a small world!

This is so cool!

The train service was suspended by the earthquake.

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We saw you.

Eileen was shot three times in the back.

My son tried to become a rakugoka.

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Did the Bush administration cooperate with al-Qaida?

A good idea struck her.

I am sitting in a row.

I've been bit by a snake.

It was better in the old days.

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Leigh pointed at the empty glass on the bar.

The city in which they live doesn't have a large Spanish-speaking community.

This continuous noise annoys me.

How are you getting home?

That's amazing.

I never imagined anything like this.

Don't tell her anything.

Nobody wants a war.

The facts are buried in a few old books.

Sergeant was aware of the difficulties.

Skef didn't actually do anything.

The battle quickly became fierce and bloody.

Clare fired me.

Barry used to work as a fashion designer.

I don't want to impose.


He has no right to do this.


I'm not used to having this kind of time on my hands.

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Dumb as a block of wood.


The cat began to tear at the mouse it caught.


How did you manage to escape?

I have a family.

I don't want one.

Why didn't you just take a cab?

If you continue to take this herbal medicine, it will do you good.

That was the dream.

I can't believe Kaj told you.

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They are planning to extend the railroad to the next town.

I like Brazilian Portuguese.

You'll bring her, won't you?

Despite being of different quality, this orange is as good as that one.

We've been friends all our lives.

What do you think we can do to help Tollefsen?

My special talent is that I can form a friendship at any time, anywhere, and with anyone.

I sometimes do the dishes for my mother.

Kari kept crawling.

She goes to the woods in the middle of the night and now, she pretends to be scared of the dark.

The accident occurred in a remote place.

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"Is your friend an idiot or what?" asked the father.

Penny couldn't make a living as a musician.

Space travel is dangerous.

He felt a sudden pain.

Lila started eating.

Philip has a large gun collection.

The dramatist resides now in New York.

You won't be shot.

We don't like to get involved.

That is a bus stop.

She has been looking after her sick sister for ten years.

He doesn't mean to be mean. It's just his nature.

He cried out, "Help me."

Come to think of it, I did see Taro.

We told everyone that we were moving to Boston.

Do you have the picture?

I'm pulling the plug.

I wish Courtney were here to see Griff dance.

I'm terrified.


Someone took my place.

Is this diamond real or fake?

The iris deeply associated with the Boys' Festival does not have a beautiful flower.

Are you blaming me for your lack of success?

There were beautiful flowers on the reception desk.


Did she ask you to spy on me?

He did not understand her joke.

He felt pain and compassion.

An Englishman would not pronounce it like that.

She was shivering with cold.


I could get you a blanket if you need one.

We're a very close family.

How much did you pay for that suit?


We hope you'll enjoy your stay.


They formed a project to build a new school building.

I think we should try to buy Seenu's car.

I'll back you up.


How dare you talk about Naim like that!

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Mehrdad smiled at Billie as he left the room.

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This woman is blind.


I can't add that up.

This is an unusual request.

I haven't eaten.

I don't think anyone really thought Slartibartfast was busy.

Sheila needed more time to finish his work.

He was all smiles.

Can you tell us what you did?

I said I wouldn't tell them.

Do you like looking in the mirror?


I'll come again on the tenth.

Do I have to answer that question?

Send me a postcard.

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Never cast dirt into that fountain of which you have sometime drunk.

Didn't you bring anything?

Trevor was persuasive.

Martin needed space.

There is nothing more permanent than a temporary solution.


In marriage there will be no peace if "mine" and "yours" rules.

Let's go to the theater early so that we can get good seats.

Have you noticed anything unusual?

Everything was allowed: You could kick, trip, hit, or bite your opponent.

You shouldn't be out of bed.

Terry is waiting to speak to Joyce.

I don't like to carry a purse.