Reinhard parked behind his house.

I wonder when Leon will graduate.

That would be unprofessional.

How did you decide?

Vadim decided not to press charges.

A travel agent arranged everything for our trip.


Whoever did this was smart.


Why did Dickens call this character Master Bates?


The creation killed its creator.

I'm going to get some coffee.

Insurance companies can no longer drop your coverage when you get sick due to a mistake you made on your application.

Are you done with this?

Ramesh didn't know who Lila wanted to go to the dance with.

And what if he rejects me?

Even though I know a little French, I think we should speak in English.


Paris is called the City of Lights. Many beautiful buildings are lit at night.


The basket was full of apples.

When will you depart for Moscow?

Places like Disneyland may not be especially interesting to me, but I might like to go sometime.


Any paper will do.

I'll join you for dinner.

It's hard to do.

I like to think so.

He deceived her, but even now she loves him.


Let's get on with the meeting.

Malcolm isn't quite ready to go.

Caution! Wet Paint

We needed to have fun.

Can you see where I'm coming from?

Doctors save lives.

I don't speak Japanese.

I wish Spike would stop crying all the time.

Maarten didn't get paid.

Rees must love you.

Just look at those good-looking men!

We've all been there.

Christopher isn't ashamed of what he did.

Those who speak about happiness usually have sad eyes.

If I showed you my house, my neighborhood back then, would you understand where I am from?


Griff has returned from Boston.

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It is very important to decide what to do about the slope of the roof.

I'm not mad anymore.

Lips that touch liquor shall not touch mine.


Robert is good at chess.


Do you ever watch movies in French?

Thank you for before.

I don't like what she has done.

The tears of strangers are only water.

What's the problem now?

Both Aimee and Teriann are already here.

Wade is a gourmet cook.

My lawyers said I should meet with you.

She fell down senseless on the floor.

Playing with other's confusion it's a good weapon.

I tried to convince her, but without success.

You're not looking so hot.

That was Betty you were just talking to, wasn't it?

Kristian came downstairs in his pajamas.

Did you see yesterday's fireworks?

The ground was very uneven.

What'll you eat today?

Have you brought the book?

You're an interesting girl.

Courtney knows Tandy can't speak French.

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.

Who will give the party?

Everybody knew Emil.

She asked him where he lived.

Did you buy a return ticket?


The book came.

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I got married five years ago on this very day.


They try to resolve the problems of the city.

I play both the trumpet and the piano.

That's Harvey's signature.

You're very kind.

The water was cold but invigorating.

All the students applaud.

I still remember the smell of her hair.

I'm sure Moe is exaggerating.

Darren asked Meehan to do that, so you don't have to.

We are all happy to help.

Case wants to learn French.

It's not like I'm completely happy right now.

I don't believe anything Urs says.

Give me back my gloves.

He seems to hold people from Kakogawa in contempt.

Sid is in favor of gun control.

I think that's a shame.

Martin thinks that sports are a waste of time.

I've sold the picture for 20,000 yen.


This is the time he normally arrives.


I want to get a job that mixes work and play.

He is saving money for a trip abroad.

An hour's drive brought us to the airport.

The company shelved plans to expand into Asia.

This looks great.

I need you to tell me when you plan to arrive.

Laurent finally figured out where the treasure was hidden.


Tell him I'll be home soon.

I'd rather go for a walk than see the movie.

He can come.


She goes to the movies once a week.


How are we going to convince Nanda?

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Translation is a scholarly discipline.


Benjamin's not with us anymore.


When was Lila arrested?

He has a large staff working for him.

I have more than one thing I'm good at.

Marsh doesn't like driving in Boston.

If you were my wife, I'd hang myself.

It's something Dani made.

We've corrected the problem.

What did you tell her?

She's just acting disappointed.


I don't think I know the answer.

Victoria isn't in the mood anymore.

Everyone can make a difference in the world.


The strong east wind lashed at our faces.

When it comes to dancing I have two left feet.

I'll get all the credit.

Why wasn't I asked?

The house is two miles off.


Tell Kristen he can't go.


Kylo almost smiled.

Tony is playing.

Hardly had he entered the room, when she burst into tears.

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Gregory changed my life.

Spacewalks usually last between five and eight hours, depending on the job.

How do I know you'll keep your word?


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the "present".

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Do you like these?

When I was young, I used to go swimming in a nearby creek.

Just give me an answer.

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I'm afraid of heights.


It was during my college years that I took up tennis.

It was a lovely evening.

My father died at the age of forty-nine.

How many days are in a month?

She is a good friend of mine.

Many businesses were plundered during the riots.

Harv didn't want Phiroze to babysit his children.

We should be conscious of our shortcomings.

I think I want you to stay.

Finally I have contributed 10,000 sentences, in various languages, to Tatoeba.

He had an out-of-body experience.


Don't help a woman in public. You'll look suspicious.

I have no money today.

Everyone but him comes from Kyushu.

Fay doesn't understand why Lex is so popular.

I feel really confident.

She asked him to come into her house, but he refused.

Seenu was dressed in lycra.

Don't eat for at least three hours.

Why did you let him go?

After my leg heals, I'll be able to move around again.

In truth, a man who renders everyone their due because he fears the gallows, acts under the sway and compulsion of others, and cannot be called just. But a man who does the same from a knowledge of the true reason for laws and their necessity, acts from a firm purpose and of his own accord, and is therefore properly called just.

Margaret got into his car.

We should be there by noon.

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You're very direct.

Your dream of becoming a baseball player will come true if you try hard.

That task wasn't easy.


Show us your bruise.


I did everything I could not to laugh.

Laura showed me around.

What are your reflections on this issue?