Why don't you just back off?

You're considerate.

He changed the topic of conversation.

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I'll see her next week.


It would be a waste of time to ask Stan to help.


Please sing.

I truly value my friends and will never have "enough" or too many.

That's a fake.


The train was held up for two hours on account of the snowstorm.


She identified the victim.


Jelske is very happy.


I won my six pack in the gym.

She is in harmony with all her classmates.

The pluviograph is broken.


This is humiliating.

Everybody liked that.

Tim Howard was the goalkeeper for the United States national team in 2014.

Asia has many rural villages.

She is always smoking.

Discretion is a rare and important virtue.

He didn't waste any time, did he?

Would you mind waiting outside?

Nobody else bothered us.


You ought to have known better.

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I have never stopped loving you.


Harshness should be avoided in those cases.

He fainted in the midst of his speech.

I ate until I couldn't eat any more. I was stuffed to the gills.

Have you measured it?

Kikki has lived in Boston most of his life.

Harv is just stalling.

Carisa rinsed the shampoo out of his hair.

Stanislaw has something to say.

In the justice system of the United States, there are twelve people on a jury.


Is the coffee hot?

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I heard it on good authority.

No one knew Thuan was there.

I know it wasn't Klaudia.

I'm just glad she wasn't hurt.

No one would have suspected it!


We chaired the meeting democratically.

That's not exactly the way it happened.

She has no deep convictions.

I found the picture you were looking for.

I have to go there.

In the home of demons, Ravana is God.

This tree was planted by my grandfather.

For the sake of long-term interests, we have decided to sell the development department.

An economic crisis will hit at the end of the year.

It's much safer here than where Mikey is.

Dan promised Linda more.

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You can hear the sound of the ocean.

He's proud that his father was a great scientist.

She sang the song softly.

He won her affection.

Liz saw someone standing on the balcony.

I sent her flowers on Valentine's Day.

It is not safe to walk with the bags like that.

Children should drink milk every day.

The man is visiting Moscow.

Judith came in.

Let's not keep them waiting.

She smiled at me.

I just wanted to talk to Mitch.

Exercise is vital for a dog.

Ramanan can't dress himself and he can't feed himself.

Many different types of flowers were in bloom in the garden.

Barton is more likely to help than Andries is.


Olson is in more trouble than I thought.


Her eyes were the colour of kohlrabi.

Bucharest is the capital of Romania.

Do not beat around the bush; we have a problem, don't we?


He is sick and should be treated as such.


Tell her that I am waiting for her.


The boy is yet to be found.


Lay it all on the table.

Cliff forgot to wear gloves.

Jews don't celebrate the holocaust, they commemorate it.

Fat hens lay few eggs.

Everyone looks so happy to be there.

Clem is very youthful, isn't he?

I hate everything about Sergei.

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We must follow the regulations.

We have just enough to live.

They discussed his proposals at the meeting.

Kelly struck a match and put it to his pipe.

We have only a slender chance of success.

I thought his remarks very apropos.

Could you hear Melinda crying?

We have to do this right away.

I assume you brought something to eat.

Denis was a gentlemen.

She looks sleepy. She may have stayed up late last night.


We failed.

Do you know Leif's secret formula?

Did you do your work?

What's the best way to get to the airport from here?

I share everything with her.

Why didn't you tell me you were lactose intolerant?

I took the children to school.

It's the mayor who will perform the marriage of the two young people.

Sofoklis's room is only slightly larger than Aaron's.

How about the one which starts two hours later?

I don't like this model but I'll have to make do with it.

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I'd never do that.

This film is based on a novel.

He raised an eyebrow quizzically.

Johnnie lit the candles.

Ralf might not have a driver's license.

Times change.

I don't think this is the time or place for that.

Voters are morons.

Does this even make sense?


I don't know if it's what he wants or not.

The majority of animals have skulls.

We keep the empty bags under the sink.

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You don't fool me.

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Are you sure it was her?

I also brought some gruel I made. It just needs warming up.

A boxer and an actor are coming toward us.

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Keith said he'd rather not go to Boston with us.

I have to massage my knees.

The valley was dotted with farm houses.


What is done cannot be undone.


I admit that I killed him.

He filed a complaint.

Don't step on that rock. It's going to fall.

Cary doesn't know how to use a snorkel.

Have you also got a few clean cups?

I didn't know what to say, but I called her anyway.

I apologize for what's happened here.

The pencil is on the book.

They are always very unfair to me.

Elijah wanted to help Ravi.

I got up earlier than usual.

That was loud.

I will see you tomorrow.

As the proverb says, "Time is money."

My family have lived here for twenty years.

Two of the coffee cups were found to be damaged on arrival.

Students must keep silent during a class.

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I recommend studying French.


Why would I help Ralf?

Lila grabbed her purse and left.

English has no word for "Zeitgeist".

I've already found somebody to do that job.

I wondered what happened to it.


Excuse me sir, could you spare some change?

Juliane tried to make Diana happy.

The path was narrow.


There were almost no railroads out west.

Art doesn't have a sister.

These are serious problems. They shouldn't be swept under the carpet.

You've traded bad for worse.

I stared at him in confusion.

Before Einstein, scientists used to think that space had no end.

Better a small gain than a great loss.

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Sometimes trying your best isn't good enough.

Dustin sang me a song.

Tommy's party was boring.

I didn't think it was a problem.

He is not so much a teacher as an entertainer.

She has a cute giggle.

Let me try.