After the fall of the Roman Empire of the West, the Church of Rome not only continued to use Latin but, in a certain way, made herself its custodian and champion in both the theological and liturgical sectors as well as in formation and in the transmission of knowledge.

Rodger waited a few seconds.

We can arrange that.

He spent the night in jail.

I don't think anyone noticed what Cathy did.

I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine.


In the U.S., freedom of religion is one of the guarantees of the Bill of Rights.

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The movie thrilled the entire audience.

He attends medical conferences.

What you're suggesting doesn't seem feasible.

I asked Rathnakumar to behave himself.

A working man should be paid in proportion to his skill, not his age.

Urs is the singer in our band.

Do you remember the time we went to Boston together?

Ann likes chocolate very much.

Every vote counts.

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Do you really think you can learn to speak French fluently in three months?

That was only the beginning.

Why would anyone not like Kemal?

Are you coming with me or not?

Life is the grave in which I'm turning.

Who did your hair?

Why don't you just study a little harder?

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Randy is on the go day and night.

Johan is close to thirty.

I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can't see from the center.


Kazuhiro didn't want me to touch him.

He translated promise into actions.

I'm not sure it's wise for you to do that.

The rest doesn't matter.

The spider is spinning a web.

What're you going to do about these cockroaches?

The horse did not want to get into the trailer.

I wish we didn't have to wait.

You don't know anything about basketball, do you?

Are you related to them?

Being a reporter is hard work.

Wash your hands with soap.

It is high time we thought more about the damage to the world's climate.

I remember one fellow in particular.

Chris can't read all these books in one day.

He always speaks well of her.

We're not the majority.

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Manavendra had a score to settle with Micheal.


I think Jarl might actually want someone to kill him.


Hohn hasn't called yet.

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I had a slight scruple about doing that kind of thing.

Please report discrepancy in data.

I scream for ice cream.


A warm, lazy breeze wafts across the flat, endless fields.

The moon emerged from behind the clouds.

Morgan should know that already.


We are so busy we'd take any help we could get.

We're professors.

Two thousand people fit into this hall.


My mom married my dad in the nineties.


She made a lot of noise on the piano

Have you seen my jacket?

Do you eat that?

I want the time and the health to finish my Icelandic textbook.

I've got a bit of a headache.


He should be rich: he had every opportunity before immigrating.

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We're going to try to win again.

Fame and success don't always walk hand in hand.

He compensated me for the accident with money.

I'm missing you.

She called him a fool.


They grow up fast, so there's no telling the age at once.

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I went to the airport to see my friend off.


I like to peel apples.

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The car had the requisite tail fins that you would expect from that era.

I didn't have the money.

Who will look after the baby?

Kate didn't want to see Klaudia again.

You'll have to wait and see.

According to a study, big women are more prone to have twins.

She's crazy about him.

I don't care about Boyd's plans.

When I got up to go to school, the moon was still visible in the sky.

This sounds like a trap.

I like Japanese food and customs, so it follows that I like living in Japan.

It occurred to me that I should not keep it secret.

I'm under quarantine.

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Was anybody killed?


I think Alejandro is all right.

Suddenly, he took out a ring, kneeled on the ground, and asked me to marry him.

She tried in vain to conceal her fear.

I have to agree with her.

According to today's morning paper, the condemned criminal committed suicide.

Expect a surprise tonight.

A dolphin is no more a fish than a dog is.

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Have you packed your bag?

I'm sorry. It was only meant as a harmless prank.

Lance couldn't find an empty parking space.

I'm in here.

I think you're an idiot.

Piercarlo is trying to scare you.

Can we rest here a second?


Seize him!

I'm a German native speaker, and I'm looking for a tandem partner for German-French language exchange.

The door won't budge.

I've heard rumors about you and Marshall.

This problem doesn't interest me.

I've got the feeling that I already met her somewhere.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.


When was the last time you jumped of joy?

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I just want to say thanks to you all.

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I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America's story. The first nation to recognize my country was Morocco.

We need some info about the town.

She spends much money on books.

I thought if I left Boston, I could forget you.

I apologize for him.

Claire is a well-known painter.

This is a bad time.


Why didn't you try the dress on before you bought it?


He failed for want of experience.

I'm trying to understand why you don't want to live with us.

Clem was left out.


She keeps on asking me for money.


Let's use this car.


We're giving a dinner for them.

She wrote an autobiographical novel.

It was not until the 17th and 18th centuries that the guilds lost their privileges more and more to the state.

What did you do with your camera?

I walk twenty miles a day.

Be kind to old people.

Paul didn't mind.

I just couldn't pretend that I liked Vijay's cooking.

This is the wrong way!

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In former times one wore the national costume every day.

We have a doghouse in our backyard.

Roland was the reason why I came here.

Patrice had a good time.

According to you, why did I leave?

His speech turned us off.

He came to Tokyo at the age of three.

She speaks relatively quickly.

How long do you think Eddy will stay in Boston?

We should be with Rand.

Stacey never knew that I secretly hated him.


That's what we're working on.

The road dips suddenly.

We have no idea how they came to that conclusion.

Moe doesn't seem to be very busy.

Let Theodore decide for himself.

Jane can play the violin, not to mention the guitar.

Can I fix you a hot drink?

Tomorrow a distant cousin is coming.

For a display where the data items increase and decrease I think you are best making use of a spreadsheet program, not Access.

Don't contradict me.

The conflict began over a simple misunderstanding.


How old was she?

Sorry, I'm bad at explaining.

If you want a new bike, you'd better start saving up.


The results of the test were negative.

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Donne just found out today that he is HIV positive.


Will you screen me from public censure?


You've got a one-track mind.


Such being the case, I can not go with you.

He would have to be a millionaire.

You'll repent at the cross.