I read my horoscope today.

He doesn't talk much.

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Sharon went outside to discover what all the commotion was about.


You are dreaming.

My wife is a doctor.

I just wanted to see how you were doing.

He forgot her name.

He was brought up against the realities of life.


There is no more important problem than this.

She advised him not to drive too fast, but he wouldn't listen to her.

We got there at the same time.

Shai opened the window even though his mother told him not to.

Can we really trust Vance?


Please don't vote for him.


He was in command of the mercenary force.

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Johnson defended his policies.


He was too embarrassed to utter a word in front of the crowd.

She and her boyfriend live together.

I don't want spaghetti again tonight.

When the snow melts it flows into the river.

In the next country that Lars visited, there lived very large people.

The egg is hard.

We walked on the banks of the Thames.

Ginger is a food that warms up the body, so it is recommended for people sensitive to cold.

What a load of rubbish!

Jarmo bought a newspaper and read it on the train.

May I put it here?


Shirley hasn't heard from him for several months.

We never went anywhere when I was a kid.

I was looking for something.


There's something he's not telling us.

Donald hit the wall with his fist.

Why haven't you told her yet?


I was uncertain of my ability to do it.

Trying told us what to do.

Rhonda turned down the offer.

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Look on the bright side.


I'd like to return this book.

"We need to know if you need a front wing." "I can't see the damage, I don't know." "Jenson, tell me if you need a front wing." "I don't know! Check the car when I come past." "Roger that... It looks okay, it looks okay. Yeah, the front wing is fine."

Plans sometimes change quickly.

Brian acknowledged that he had made a mistake.

I think I'm becoming a vegetarian.

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It is difficult for me to skate.

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Secondary education has two sides.


They're inseparable.


Bjorne didn't tell me that what we were doing was illegal.


Virtually the entire population is infected with one of eight herpes viruses.

He will blow our party.

The crime was committed in cold blood.

He is exactly like his father.

It is necessary that you start at once.

Why were they chosen?

There were times I would've been lost without Sridhar.

People often ask me that.

Your offer is reasonable.

I'm going through my closet to find clothes to give to charity.

Jane's parents were pleased about her appointment as a teacher at the school.

Pitawas was horrified when he noticed that his daughter had had her tongue pierced.

Did you know the phone's off the hook?


You've been lying about everything, haven't you?

Naim hates his last name.

The nurse used a sphygmomanometer to check my blood pressure.

Stanly didn't stay in Boston very long.

To me, he seems too young to be touring the world on his own.


Many of my friends can speak French.

I'm glad Danny liked it.

This is our last chance.

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This is a crude material imported from Malaysia.

I belong to the House of Martok.

They do that everywhere.

Jesus is watching them.

Wendy was nosy.

There is nothing you can do for him.

Hugh might know something we don't.


The sun comes up in the east and goes down in the west.

I want to wait and see what Isidore proposes.

Many families now have two breadwinners with both husbands and wives working.


Thanks a lot for your tips!

I can't wait to be with you.

Tall trees catch much wind.


A lot of trees grow in the countryside.

The policemen fired at the car's tires.

I heard that footprints of an abominable snowman have been discovered in the Himalayas.

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She left her ticket at home.

Gregg used to write songs.

You're exaggerating, right?

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Can you tell me when Raanan got his driver's license?

Don't give me that look.

Whoever he may be, there's nothing we can do but trust him.

She successfully got him to tell the truth.

I suggest we invite Angela to the party.

I'm just taking pictures.

There is a good number of problems for which the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker conditions are insufficient to guarantee optimality, but this doesn't change the fact that these conditions are an indispensable tool for doing optimization.


Orville has many powerful friends.


When will I be able to talk to Clarissa?


Please don't cut in while I'm talking with him.

The revolution will be useless without pictures.

Just look at you, unable to do such a simple thing.

There's no shame in losing to such a great player.

The English Channel separates England and France.

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She seems to know something important.

Orville asked Kevyn where she wanted him to put the bag of dog food.

It is likely to be cold this winter.


How did you get that black eye?

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Her hands are never still.

Why is everybody running?

I just want them to love me.

She was satisfied with the new dress.

I think you know what I'm interested in.

I have always been very passionate about mathematics.

Nici walked in the room.


I'm busy with the work all the time.


The woman is naked.

Mastering a foreign language involves a lot of patience.

The fall of the empire was inevitable.

I hoped you would understand what I meant.

What a lovely couple!

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You catch on quick.

We wish friendship.

We all want Elizabeth to be happy.

In those days, few people went to college.

Let me speak with the foreman.


He said that.

Just give her a call.

Where can I pick up my baggage?

Ernst told me his life's story.

I have difficulty concentrating.


Ian let go of the rope.

Hon was sitting on the stoop.

It would have been better, if you had asked him which way to go.

I don't want to see my future after 30 years.

The old man knows that he will die soon.

She removed the dishes from the table.

You must not put on weight.

Claudio is very conceited.

There is a rock quarry just north of town.

She fell in love with her friend's younger brother.

You better not open your mouth.

Who will raise the question in the first place?

Talk of the wolf and behold his skin.

Welcome home, my love!

What can't you live without?

We'll get you the help you need.

Vince is far better off than he was three years ago.

I'm computer-literate.

He is everything to her.

Patty pushed Danielle off the pier.

It seems to me that she has a tendency to exaggerate.

I might take you up on that.

Clare is a regular blood donor.

I don't need that kind of pressure.

Ravi is buying.


I have my own problems.

Mother is more anxious about the result of the examination than I am.

That's not really the point.

All the exams are now behind us.

I could never be a true man of my word.

I'm at work now, so I'll call you later.

I ate way too much last night.

Wolves usually don't attack people.

It's better to be a shallow stream than a deep vortex.

Green green green green green.

Video games ruined my life, at least I still have two lives left.