Books are the paper memory of mankind.

I am not any more foolish than you are.

He couldn't keep his temper any longer.

We always say that.

Can you mend these shoes for me?

It's a ghost town.

They're completely wrong.

There were two red hats on this table two hours ago.

I choose to work.

She had huge mood swings.

Our teacher reminded us not to forget our homework.

He has at least one thousand books.

The procedure is the same.

The client went running into the office.


I want to learn Irish.

They wouldn't serve Doug a drink because he was underage.

I remember her.

My father is leaving for the United States next Thursday.

Is anyone going tomorrow?

Cathy is still up.

Have you told anybody else?

The Allies wasted no time.

I wish you didn't always yell at Daryl.

I'll try to be a better dad to you from here on.

Listen to your heart, because it never lies.

I could not visit today because of my illness.

Are your parents home?

She must have taken the wrong bus.

Cut the bullshit!


From childhood I dreamt of being a pastry cook.

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Rabin seems to be getting nervous.

When he comes, we'll begin.

Lois just stared.

We don't want you to leave.

I need colored pencils.

It's him, isn't it?

Don't you want to help them?

I appreciate this so much.

People used to live in villages.

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What happened that night?


Thank you for the tea.


Elijah needs help.

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There's a loose button on your shirt.


I used to be Terry's girlfriend.

I ordered two teas and three coffees.

I tried to reach you on the phone, but I was unable to get through

I tell you this.

Lucy likes Kathleen.


There is nobody at home who knows that.

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You don't give up too easily, do you?


I convinced him of his fault.

She talks a lot about his father.

I'll go and tell them.

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There isn't no such important someone as Naz with my life.


You can't leave without my permission.

She tends to accept new challenges with her head held high.

He misled you.

We combed police records of the incident but found no mention of witnesses seeing a tall, bearded man.

Tal said he was finished.

Have you ever been to Africa?

Tammy is responsible for this accident.

I wish Philip didn't already have a boyfriend.

You had just enough time to drive to Boston and commit the murder.


Well, but what about the money?

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I thought you were going to buy that car.

Raghu is taking a bath.

Stanislaw clicked the remote to stop the video.

The boy talking with Fred is Mike.

I like reading English literature.

Malloy doesn't know what this is called in French.

Not all my classmate like the food in the cafeteria.

You need to loosen up a little.

Do you have a mobile, Sal?


He earns half a million yen every month from that work.


She thinks about her next trip.

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This has to be the last one.


She's looking the other way.

I need to put some gas in the car, as it's almost empty.

But that's another story entirely.

Did Konstantinos know what to do?

This dish goes very well with sake.

We can't repair the damage done by Heinz's speech.

Hmph, Yayoi's navigation was difficult to follow so we ended up going round and round the same places.


Shutoku was held down.

I told you it was too late to help Anne.

If it should rain, he will not come.


Why is Rob going for a picnic with him?

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This is much the best.

I was offended.

I care nothing for the news.

You won't be fired.

Maybe I should check on him.

We want to be on the first bus tomorrow morning.

Teresa hasn't eaten for three days.

When will breakfast be ready?

Catherine used to be thin.

Woody is angry and frustrated.

If you would thoroughly know anything, teach it to others.


I checked the gauge.

The first part of the book is set in Florence.

Pascal claimed that the handbag had been a present from her husband.

Kristen saw a picture of Suwandi hanging on the wall.

I don't like running down members of the staff, but he's the rudest man I've met.


That would be gross.

The European Union has abolished the death penalty.

The exact same thing happened to Ernie.


Cliff tried to save me.

I still remember the smell of her hair.

The thin line between sanity and madness has gotten finer.

I never expected to see Ilya again.

Always be careful.


Wishing is for those who can believe.

He's hurt! Call an ambulance!

The training session is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m.


Mischief is common to most children.


I wish I was always being sent abroad on business like he is.

I'm studying several languages.

You need to apologize to Morgan.

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Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party.

It all comes down to a question of time.

Love is terrified of everything that is not itself.

I don't know if I can memorize this long password.

I'm out of shape today.

The store raised all the prices.

There is a good market for these articles.


This is how I go about it.

Marguerite seemed to know everything.

I think we'll be OK.

The world is small.

That woman's very beautiful.

Yesterday I went to sleep at 10 PM.

I want to know why you're doing this.

Why were you looking for her?

If you keep eating like this your body will burst open.

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My watch needs to be fixed.


I think my jeans have shrunk.

His bold plan gave rise to much controversy.

They want to see you dead.

I have to be there before seven.

There are two plates on the table.

You'll have to come back in a while: the man dealing with that business has just gone out.

I don't have your boots.


I was allowed to go there on condition that I came back by five o'clock.

Did he have Parkinson's disease?

I usually have supper between 7 and 8 p.m.

The dam gave way and sent a great flush of water down the valley.

I was with him last week.

Give me yours. You don't need it anymore.

Paul wouldn't be interested in Dylan.

A new serial will begin in next month's issue.

We met at the place Brogolie.

He saw one once.

She looks at me but I'm too shy to look at her.

Mr Brown is a wool merchant.

It's really not rocket science.

The boy had bad teeth because he neglected to brush them.

Don't wander off like that.


How did you end up here?


Space has decided to leave Boston.

I want to finish what I started.

Naim was wearing a red and white dress.

I'm so hungry.

Liber joined a book club.

I saw him with my own eyes.

Where do you think I should start?