Marsh said that he might never come back.

According to Ahmed's doctors, his condition is incurable.


The sky is cloudy today.

I'll tell you when we get there.

Would you please replace the broken one promptly?

I heard them come in.

I did twenty-five projects in just one month.

Dean parked right behind Piete's car.

Who the fuck cares?


One more time?

Tell them to be here by 2:30.

He is not worth his salt.

Careful driving prevents accidents.

I wanted to talk to you before you left.

Do you like your car?

We don't have time.

I'll tell you only if you promise to keep it to yourself.

I just got a call from him.

I didn't see a soul.

No animal can exist without plants.

I can seldom find time for reading.

He has made a fortune through hard work.

Look out! There's a hole in the road.

We need to rent a room for our party.


To master English is hard.


Rent control limits the rent that a landlord can charge for an apartment.


Let's offer it to her.

Don't forget to count me in.

Exoplanets are planets that orbit other stars than the Sun.

If I knew her address, I would write to her.

The more I think about the future, the more I worry. So, I've decided not to think about it anymore.

Where are those people from?

Herbert sat down at the table with her friends.

I can't believe that Gil was in on it.

I don't think that'll happen again.

I couldn't understand what he was getting at.

How did you know I was from Boston?

Stan couldn't hide his feelings from Cyrus.

Learning probably takes place in virtually every activity in which we take part.

We have water enough.

What color hair does Blaine have?

Bert isn't in the mood anymore.

Arlene quickly got down to business.

Johnnie knows precisely what he's doing.

I must think about what to do.

It's been a very difficult year.

Move away from me.

Were you the one who made the coffee this morning?

Tran looked a little disappointed.

Is it true that you baked a pizza today?

David can't do his job without an internet connection.

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That's how I found it.

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This is the finest picture I have ever seen.

The inquiry did not conclude.

Show me the exact spot you mean.

Do you think that Tobias would be interested in that?

No man can occupy the office of President without realizing that he is President of all the people.

Leila sounds exhausted.

His casual chauvinism was highly off-putting.


As soon as he stepped into the village, he went to see her.

Venkata's sentences are short and easy to translate.

If I were to be reborn, I would like to be a bird.

Debi is charming and irresistible.

He wrote the book at the age of twenty.

I want you to tell me what you're going through.

Kanthan doesn't have a lot to give.


She heard that.


Raman is looking into the problem.


I'm sorry that happened to you.

She divided the cake into five pieces.

The mountains are red against the blue sky.


He was equal to the job.


My daughter was cheated.

It's a dead giveaway.

See you next week, Blayne.


He left his wife and his three children to live with another woman.

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Naomi doesn't eat breakfast.


It's not polite to point at others.

I didn't want to worry him.

Everything must go.

Norma didn't actually say anything.

I knew something wasn't right.

The woman is tall.

They had decided to put the wedding off until her brother came home from abroad.

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The lighting blinded me for a while.


Stuart was quiet.

You don't have to stand over me.

Kuldip fell asleep on guard duty.

There are some things we could've change, but we chose not to.

This shouldn't be all that hard to do.

Miltos may not be dead yet.

It's completely my fault.

I am going to the market.

Peter opened the door.

We met a few weeks ago.

Jarl has been waiting all his life for a woman like Ron.

I lost a lot of money.

Some people think Jwahar was poisoned.


Kamiya didn't know Murthy had a house on Park Street.

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I think you look tired.

More than four million Syrians are refugees.

You should choose a strong password!


I have a giant stuffed panda bear.

Donn was carrying a duffel bag.

Maybe I shouldn't try to help Jingbai.


I asked Saify not to bother us.

How deep is it here?

I know as much as I need to.

He has only four pesos.

She alone decided who could see him.

His crime is unforgivable.

Napoleon's army lost the battle of Waterloo in 1815.


Victoria reads a lot.


He likes both music and sports.

Why did you actually get divorced if you still live together?

Ask for his advice.

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I ate lunch in the cafeteria.

Fritz certainly thinks so.

I want my girlfriend back.

Kyle has attempted to escape at least three times.

What a good speaker of Japanese!

You're embarrassing Saad.

You need to help me find her.

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This sentence doesn't make sense.

We've run out of time.

Natalie is sleeping, isn't she?

He put on his sweater wrong side out.

She called him a fool.

I made the mistake of going into business with Tahsin.

As was unusual for me, I got tired quickly and I sat down on the edge of a rock.


Tell me again why you want me to do that.

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Legend has it that America was discovered by Christopher Columbus.

I ran into a friend of mine on the bus.

The tundra has a harsh climate.

He told me that his father's a teacher.

Are you sure you don't want a cup of coffee?

I haven't been this optimistic ever before.

It'll soon be October.


To my regret there are many students who cheat.

"What's for dinner tonight?" "We'll be having takeout from your favorite Chinese restaurant."

Greet her, if you see her!

I'm not the one hurting her.

I want you to run the store for me.

The streets are lined with old shops.

Root is always prepared.

Phiroze wants to meet Floria.

What did Wendell need?

It's hard for foreigners to learn Japanese.

The bad smell sickened me.


Money could not be converted into capital if wage labour did not exist.

They were both dirty.

They might come.

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This is the dilemma.

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This experience will do you good in the long run.

Tollefsen drew the curtains so he couldn't be seen from the street.

Last month I renewed my driving license.

I speak some English, but unfortunately I don't understand much.

He tried out that new machine.

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When do you eat breakfast?

Don't shout at me. I can hear you all right.

My mother often gives pies to passers-by.


Mac looked young.


The mailman comes around every three days.

The small duckling can swim and has demonstrated this ability.

I'd really like more time to research this.