Let's go tell Rabin.

Straka has no idea how Edgar ended up in Boston.

He wants a watch like yours.

I would like to get to know you better.

That should be prohibited.

Is that really so outrageous?


The painting looks great, but you hung it a little crooked.

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I know it's a lie.

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It was your grandfather's.

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I don't have time to buy a new tie before the banquet.

I should've told you the truth.

I want to buy my car back.


Father's bankruptcy was a blot on the family's reputation.


Susan never read the book that Norman gave him.


I can't drink milk.


Did he write it with a pencil?




Why don't you just apologize?


We're going downtown to go shopping.

I didn't study math at all.

Have you been to London before?


I always confuse John and his twin brother.

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Sandip thanked me for changing his life.

Stand for a bit, okay?!

The local coffee shop was replaced by a Starbucks.

Don't lean against this wall.

I shuddered at the sight of the snake.


Since yesterday the elevator doesn't work.


5 times 20 is 100.

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He's not a hero.


Let's let Horst try doing that again.

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You can certainly call him a pushover, but not a coward.

I don't know how to contact you.

Hi, my dear, my darling, my honey, my destiny. How was your day?

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Murthy is shameful, isn't he?

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Newton thought the world had been created in 4000 BC.

After graduation, I thought it was time to travel abroad to perfect my language skills but I had no money.

He did what I wanted right away.

The floorboards in the hall creaked.

I left an umbrella behind.

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Have any of you ever seen something like this before?

Father bought me a bicycle.

There are some people who hate the idea of the European Community.

I still can't believe my luck.

He's done his homework.

He is my closest friend; we are like brothers.

Roger is angry with me.


Damon's reply didn't surprise anyone.

If you want to, we'll go.

I thought you'd be out partying with Darci.


Do you want to have sushi tonight?

I wonder why no one has bought this yet.

I certainly don't blame you.

These glasses do not fit me well. They are too large.

What age was she when she got married?

She saw an angel there in long white robes, with wings reaching from his shoulders down to the earth.

Are you telling me you forgot?


Maybe I'll do that.

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Hold on a second.

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Why don't I do that?

Kolkka read a self-help book.

I've always had this on my mind, but what is Herman majoring in?

There is a problem.

The president of the largest country in the world doesn't understand English.


This never crosses my mind.

Who is the most beautiful girl in the class?

Nobody does that.

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Eliot is very passionate, isn't he?

Were you just quoting Joachim?

Elizabeth was the only one who knew where Van went.

I can't walk any farther.

Sheila was surprised by what Frederick asked him.

The hard work begins now.

Bob said to his friend: "What a looker".

You should trust your intuition.

You just saw him, didn't you?


Don't disturb the others.

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I'm not used to this.

I don't want to see her ever again.

I always wondered whether you'd come back.

Last winter was very cold.

How often do you work here?

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I ate a papad.

When you're mad, count to ten before speaking.

I'd like to introduce you to my parents.

I think the movie is almost over.

Skip left his briefcase on his desk.

Michel developed feelings for his best friend.

Tahsin works really hard.

Your sons are quite handsome.

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks.

Have you washed the dishes?

When my uncle left for America, many people came to see him off at the airport.

Lord will get her degree in June.

Candlemass is an influential Swedish doom metal band.

He did everything he could for his child.

However, I recommend that you take the JR Narita Express (a train leaves every 30-60 minutes from the airport), to avoid the complexity of changing trains.

He never used a screwdriver.

Jiri built a massive business empire in the United States.

I've got a good reason to be worried.

How many atoms are there in a drop of water?

Speaking English is difficult.

Sridhar told Triantaphyllos not to drive so fast.

They had to go to the hospital.

I've never seen anything like it.

It was all an accident.

We entered the restaurant and had lunch.

You can see many animals in this forest.

Who does your sister take after?

Please check my vision.

Looks like its gonna be a long old day.

Hamisi wants sugar.

I have no experience.

I'm not trying to impress them.

It's well said that "You can't judge people by their appearance", isn't it?

I go to the bazaar every Sunday afternoon.

It may well snow tomorrow night.

The two of us are finally alone.

She did not agree with the ideological aims of the group.

Kate ran over to help Phiroze.

According to the news report, the ruling coalition has secured 72 seats as of 5 p.m.

Leave her alone or you'll regret it.

She got carried away watching the boxing match.

Do you want to see what I have in my suitcase?

Don't be too hard on me.

The procedure must be executed correctly and completely.

Suwandi speaks French like a native.

That's really not the same thing.

I asked her not to interfere.

He said nothing as to my request.

Kee knew who Marci said she was planning to get married to.

I'd like some advice on something.

I wonder if keeping your head down and living safely is a survival instinct.

You pompous git!

It worked like a charm.

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Do you like this car?


We must hold a meeting of the council of directors.

Is your brother's name Aleksej?

My father had me wash the car.


We did succeed.

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I've always distrusted them.

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Clare is a virtuoso.

In China, you have to go to the departure station and buy train tickets there.

You're a brave soul if you want to climb the Urals.

What didn't you like about her?

I nodded encouragingly.

I didn't go to school.

She got off at the next station.

I'm on my break.

Would you mind answering a few questions?


Fudge is not at all healthy, but it sure is amazingly tasty.


Close your eyes and tell me what you hear.


Prison food isn't as bad as I expected.

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Harold is harsh.


He fell and broke his arm while he was skiing.


We're supposed to be helping Carole right now.

That movie was pretty boring.

I can't speak my mind.