When did Mariou pass away?

He got up the courage to ask her to marry him.

She lives with him in a small apartment.

Since he had left his wallet at home, he asked me if I could lend him 1,000 yen.

The paper is under the table.

How do they seem to you?

How come you know so much about Japanese history?

I don't know if there is a difference between the two shirts. They are identical for me.


Can you recommend a good lawyer?


She told him that she had seen me there last week.


I told Omar not to do this.

Let Sriram leave.

Molly knows the cops are everywhere.


Shouldn't Earnie be here by now?

Ricardo barely studied for the exam.

It'll cost more than thirty dollars.

We just broke up.

They all have kids.

I think Leads is too old for Ssi.

You might at least say thank you.


For whom have you brought the bone?

Hey, there's no time left till the deadline, you know? Stop hanging around in a daze!

As I thought, she's a virgin!

Thieves plundered the museum.

I couldn't get hold of him at his office.

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I used to go fishing in my school days.

The conference is to be held in Tokyo the day after tomorrow.

I'm not used to having people question my authority.

Myrick and Lar went to the same school.

Allen put his hands over his mouth.

It's not written in French.

It's a banner.

The royal jewels are kept under lock and key.

Are you going to take advantage of Raman?


I don't care about any of those things.

He is not from Hokkaido.

I'm not saying it's impossible.

I can't give Briggs these.

I wonder if June can tell us anything else.


I never thought it would end like this.

I had completely forgotten.

The coup attempt was foiled at the last moment.

I could never do it like you do.

With a little luck the weather will be good.

Guillermo gave his cat some milk.

Jock fooled me.

I sat face to face with you.

His hotel chamber at the palatial space hotel had the grandiose view of Jupiter's rainbow face through the big window.

Let's make a new playlist.

Lars's daughter married Hillel's son.

Ever since, I've wandered aimlessly in the everlasting night of your eyes.

I thought that he was innocent.

My nickname isn't Shyam.

There is a castle in the background of the picture.

The old man drew a large crowd around him by his music.

Barrett, what do you want to be in the future?

You're frightening me.

He came at an inopportune time.

It's yours for the taking.

Are you sure you didn't recognize that guy?


I don't really want to pay that much for a new car.

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Kirsten wanted to go to Boston, but his father wouldn't let him.

Shu, you're eating too much. You'll get fat!

I think I get the general idea.

I'm pleased to hear that.

Sugar draws ants.

I was going to talk to you about it.

The preacher gave a beautiful sermon.

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The children were accorded permission to use the library.

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If it were not for the sun, there would be no life on the earth.

Emil has just left home.

Why did you make that deal?


Let's go to sleep.


Nadeem didn't go to the hospital.

He will be writing a letter.

That is the sort of job I am cut out for.

Run over your part again before the rehearsal.

Do you know how to use a personal computer?

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The kids are getting scared.

Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in the solar system.

She is in a very good mood.


I met your dad yesterday.

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He is capable of teaching French.

I don't like Duane's looks.

We came here to relax.

Every door in the house is locked.

Has the snow stopped yet?

Guido spoke to me in French.

Much sooner than you think.

I was deeply impressed by the scenery.

Please call me at my hotel later.

Moe claims he doesn't remember.

I can't find her either.

Who are you going to vote for?

She was wearing a white petticoat.

Love and hate are opposite emotions.

I hope it does not rain tomorrow.

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Can you hand me a towel?


Jeffrey got on the elevator and pressed the button for his floor.

Do you know how to swim?

I know why Piet was fired.

Who is at the bottom of these rumors?

What's next for us?

How much money does he make a month?

It is my cow.

Just to warn you in advance, today's blog is no fun.

This class is made up of thirty-five pupils.

And Santa Claus thought that was the greatest pleasure in life: for he loved to have enormous fires in the great fire-places, and the colder it was, the bigger fires he would have, and the louder the winds roared around his chimney.

I'm already engaged.

I decided to tell him the truth.

The rumor had no foundation in fact.

I enjoyed the voyage across the Pacific.

They are fulfilling the commandment to host guests.

You'll do nothing of the kind.

Nou dropped out of the competition.

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Just then the door opened a little way, and a creature with a long beak put its head out for a moment and said: "No admittance till the week after next!" and shut the door again with a bang.

Summer is over.

I saw Miss Smith in the theater yesterday.

The exercise took years off me.

Nobody noticed that she was absent until the end of the meeting.

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He drives a pink Cadillac.

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Bill just wanted to comfort Monica, but she interpreted it as romantic interest.

I just need one more.

She hid a necklace.

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Suzanne made up the whole story.

You don't happen to know a guy named Ned Jackson, do you?

Is it far from here to Boston?

Spike hadn't expected Serdar to come so early in the morning.

He went off to the People's Square or somewhere thereabouts.

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Do you know a good motel not far from here?

I felt myself insulted when he kept silence.

Larry has more energy than a pack of squirrels.

I prefer plain materials.

Did you pay for the book?


The food is always arranged so artistically.


I was right behind Rodney.

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Turning the steering wheel makes the car turn.

To lose faith in God is to lose your guide.

Keep an eye on this suitcase.

He is too much of a coward to attempt it.

Do I smell bacon?

No matter how experienced is the woman, a pure young man will be able to enjoy a pure love.

I mistook her for Minako. They look so much alike.


He was handsome and only forty-three years old.


I'll come home by six o'clock.

I am very much relieved to know that.

Kyu didn't like the way Terrence ironed his clothes.

Ken decided to go abroad.

They coughed.

I'll leave the second or third of next month.

I need to go get my laptop.

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You have to ask them first.

It turned out not to be so easy to live with him.

Duncan turned off the lights and closed the door.

They knew each other.

Brandi doesn't carry much with him when he travels.

Damone has a girlfriend.

Jones first met Tal when they were in high school.


I think he's got a thing for you.

I'll be done in a second.

You can't do anything right now.

I'd love to go there one day.

Can you really blame Miriam?


What vile behavior!

The plan has failed.

Emmett dies.

We learn Arabic.

His actions greatly angered Mexican leaders.