I don't recall asking for your advice.

She wouldn't have married him if she had known him better.

We were late for dinner.

Everybody loved him.


Sumitro is my younger brother.

How long have you been dating?

His new book met with a favorable reception.

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The "skyliner" slowly started moving and, picking up speed effortlessly, it carried us towards Tokyo.

I just didn't believe Ragnar.

This is the 66.666th Spanish sentence.

She has a new boyfriend.

My father didn't eat much fruit.

I hear Adlai stole a car.

His failure resulted from his carelessness.


Andy isn't much younger than we are.

Don't sing.

You'll want to see this.

This river is dangerous to swim across.

I thought I recognized this car.

In the contest he fully displayed what ability he had.

Sorrel told me he was doing some undercover work.


I know it's kind of late, but would you mind if I came over now? I have something I need to discuss with you.

Dannie says he doesn't know where Jisheng lives.

I play piano.


Randy won't catch me.

You've been wonderful.

Please use the information below for your payment.


My heart beat when I heard my name called.


The mind is a good servant, but a poor master.

There are many movie theaters in this city.

Steen turned on the hot water tap.

The artist is eternally a boy.

This hotel can accommodate 700 guests.


His face says that he lost.

Use your own words to retell the content of the lesson.

I find Felix intriguing.

Mwa says that he's hungry.

The visitors were greeted with warm handshakes.

Never, ever tell that to others.

Will you join me?

I'll get in touch with her.

Kitty reached over and turned off the radio.

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Bananal Island, in the Araguaia River in Goias State, Brazil, is the largest river island in the world.


This has to wait until tomorrow.

They are filibustering to prevent the bill from passing.

What do you know about the CIA?


She was caught red handed.

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And in the Indian Ocean, some islands of the Maldives will disappear completely beneath the water.


I feel worse today.

A red dress made her stand out.

She came close to drowning.

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Dan learnt a lesson the hard way.

Jingbai appeared at the door.

If it rains the day after tomorrow, I'll stay at home.

Greg held his breath till he got to the surface.

We cannot conceive science without a hypothesis.


Do you usually have tea for breakfast?


I offered him fifty pence and he accepted.


Can art change the world?

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Set a thief to catch a thief.

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I expected a big crowd.

You should not talk back like that.

Lila told Clara that he loved her shoes even though he thought they were ugly.

It is all up with him by this time.

When the boss checks our expenses it can be pretty dicey. He knows how to read between the lines.

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Bozhena is a pretty blonde; she is the prettiest girl in our school.

Where was she born?

Maureen couldn't get the tickets you asked him to buy.


Trade helps nations develop.


She couldn't stand the heat in the train.

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I can fight my own battles.

There's just one problem with this arrangement.

The camp was under the command of Lieutenant Jackson.

He has nothing to do here.

The drain is clogged again.

She was surprised to find thousands of dollars hidden in her daughter's mattress.

This paper has very good absorption.

I would not want to be in your shoes.

Pack and get dressed before your parents hear us.

You come from Sweden.

Daren is obviously in love with Galen.


Rise to the occasion.

He outlasted many of his friends.

We're going to need them both.

Everything will be OK.

Hold your breath, please.

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I started thinking about Alf.

John moved forward to the gate.

You would have gotten away with it if Toft hadn't seen you do it.

Open your eyes.

Pravin is very distinguished looking.


I'm still undefeated.

I want to go home to see my wife.

The policeman asked if Maria had greeted me with a wave, a hug or a kiss.

She asked me to take care of the boy when she's away.

How did they become celebrities?

Please give us a chance.

He is fond of chocolate cake.

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This is difficult for us.


Is the bank open?

I need to talk to you for a minute.

This is my kitchen.


We can't go.


Marilyn made sure that his children ate everything on their plates.

Nancy seems tired.

Most women make much of fashion.

We ran for miles.

I agree totally.

A guy with a big mustache started following me.

What was Sid's answer?

We heard it from Mr Such and such.

What do suggest instead?

I've seen my share of death.

We spent three days in the country.


Carlos has lived here for years.

I'm pretty sure Plastic is dating Drew.

Hume asked us to trust him.

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One day, we'll all have to die.

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Farting in an elevator is wrong on so many levels.


It's not pornography, it's art.

They were lucky.

I study psychology.


Hamilton is dying.

It's my fault that you were fired.

Arne wanted to see Kenn.

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I don't have any cash.


They headed down the stairs.


I like coffee much more than tea.


It helps.


You should've seen him dance.

I need palliative care.

He had to leave school because he was poor.

It's always been the same.

I am seeing Stagger this afternoon.


My goal is to become a polyglot.

She left home at age thirteen.

He likes swimming in summer.

She is in a green dress.

As far as I can tell, Konstantinos's French is pretty good.


Being wrong in what you are is easiest.

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In the morning, we put away our futons.

The concert came to an end at ten o'clock.

I don't think Holly wants to be my friend anymore.

Lynnette seems touched.

That's for you to decide.

I had to get something from my room.

The way his life was cut short is tragic.

I can't tell whether it landed upside down, inside out, or backwards.

Are you able to type?

The snow lay on the ground, frozen into a thick, hard crust.

Can you get any closer?

If you don't want to do it, you don't have to.

We want to be in the group.

I needed a jump this morning because I left the dome light on in my car last night and it completely drained the battery.

He raised his hand, and so did Margie.

He complained about the room being too hot and humid.

You have lost, give up!