In other words, the merits, etc. of making detours are the consideration of the attitudes of the landowners whose property the line would cross, the convenience of other towns and villages, as well as connection with other railway lines.

He won her affection.


It's raining buckets outside.

I began living by myself.

Tell Cristi to meet us there at 2:30.

Gilles turned down the flame.

There's something I need to do this afternoon.


There are various actions in conversations.

This is our only hope.

Dominic wants to help, but obviously can't.

He was careful to mention it in the letter.

Is it a bird?


She came to see me in spite of being busy.

Nicolette straightened his glasses.

As for his proposal, I think it is out of the question.

'Take your only begotten son Isaac, whom you love, quickly go to the land of vision, and sacrifice him there upon a mountain.'

Hit the road and don't you come back no more!

We threw him out.

I need a shower.

Is she the owner of this house?

She's a young, impressionable teenager.


What's wrong with my computer?


May you die!

Lloyd could feel the sun on his face.

I will use that pair of scissors to cut the yellow paper.

His new underpants were sensational.

The train was late because of an accident.

I think I've found something that you might be interested in seeing.

This is the free one.

It is no longer customary.

Susan could've saved himself.


Be careful with him. He's a Don Juan.

There was no clue as to the identity of the murderer.

I know her very well.

Skip can take a couple of weeks off if he needs to.

Jared and Terri spent the afternoon baking pumpkin pies.


Didn't you know that oil floats on water?

Venkata is just a crazy old man.

Someone who is misanthropic dislikes people and avoids social situations.

I don't feel like eating supper tonight.

Having failed last year, I don't like to try again.

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Why don't you like me?

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Water is so important that we can hardly do without it even for a day.


Damn it!


Apparently "the iPhone sounds the death knell for the Internet."

Tomas has called in sick the last three days.

He was made to do so.

Be our guest.

Doing that wouldn't have made any difference.


He did not know where to go.

I bet it was them who did it.

I just uncorked a bottle of wine.


I know my room's a mess.


My mother hasn't slept in 3 days due to her illness.

He passed the test as was expected.

They howled with laughter.

I mistook her for her sister.

I didn't understand that last sentence.

Can I offer you some refreshment?

I'd like you to send this package for me right away.


Luke didn't have the courage to admit that he had made a mistake.


I've been summoned to headquarters urgently.

Werner can't put up with Sharan's whining any longer.

I recognized her by her fiery red hair.

A healthy person is a poorly examined sick person.

I should've tried to stop it.

I usually carry a clipboard.

Approximately seven billion people inhabit our planet.


They say that "Hamlet" is the most interesting play in writing.

Anna spent weeks in intensive care.

Let's see your wallet.

You are like cassandra.

My father isn't at home.

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Welcome, Meruert.


I was just like Larry when I was his age.


That's not our problem.


He bears a strong likeness to my son.


Speaking in some languages sounds like praying.

Good luck!

He'll make a good husband.

I personally like Barrett.

It is somewhat curious that the three persons whose names are the most universally recorded were of very obscure parentage.

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Jill was a great comfort to me when I was ill.

I'll meet you there in an hour.

The road runs parallel to the river.

I like to look at old pictures.

I am Lin.

Even Kathy looked annoyed.

I'd like to visit Angkor Wat before I die.


Vicky knew that Wolf was living with somebody.

Their wish is engraved on the base of the statue.

It's eight miles from here to London.

It was ordered that the classroom be put in order

Srikanth thinks Sorrel may be lactose intolerant.

Have you seen this before?

Tyler brought a tear to many an eye with his eloquent speech at Terrence's funeral.

Your opinion is off the mark. That's plain to anyone.

That's what we want.

I don't know how much time I've got.

She comes in.

Can you give me a lift?

The experiment was a success.


I should've let Kenton borrow my hammer.

Lester is rich.

A large goldfish swims in the pond.

The chair is close to the door.

May I speak to you for a minute?

Can I sit next to them?

When did you start working for Drew?

Why can't we just leave right now?

Rhonda didn't know which bus to take.


We also think that he's a bastard.


I'm feeling a bit sleepy.

It was like that when I got it.

Maria blew a kiss to Jack and hid quiveringly under the sofa.

They held out against all odds.

I understood the message.

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Nadeem knew this meant trouble.

You've never heard of me, have you?

He met his friend while bathing in the sea.

When have you been born?

I wish I had something to contribute.

There was a feeling of constraint in the room; no one dared to tell the king how foolish his decision was.

Everything looked beautiful, in the freshness of early spring.

The furniture in his office is very modern.

Lenora didn't want Angela to die.

Is it safe to eat this?

When are you going on summer vacation?

Thomas doesn't have any pets.

I think we need some time off.

I answered, "Yes, I want it."

"Do you know Brian?" "Yes, I know him well." "Really? Since when do you know him?" "I've known him for six years."

The waiter brought me my drink.

This is luxury beyond my income.


I wrote that letter.

Can I tell my father what you want?

Val is an international jewel thief.

You should get some shuteye.

A society without religion is like a ship without a compass.


Are you sure you don't want to come?


He said they were responsible for the present problem.


I'm sorry for them.

We will have to stop this project for want of funds.

Only one of the tires is extremely flat. I wonder if it was punctured by a nail or something.

This isn't about her.

Do you hear any sound?


A black race, they had thick lips, flattened noses and frizzy hair resembling, in these ways, the blacks now living on Earth.

Raman didn't get off the airplane with the rest of the passengers.

It scares me a little.


In hot weather, water evaporates quickly.

You could give more.

His heart was torn by sorrow.

I am to blame for my son's failure.

Rev. King and his supporters were threatened.

What more do we need to make us happy?

Our plan was fully realized.

When did you interrupt your summer vacation?

Don't tell her anything.


I'm not looking for a partner.

Do you think this is funny?

I've been pretty fortunate.


Without doubt the three ice-cream flavours most popular are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

These people speak Esperanto effortlessly, don't they?

He drinks a lot.