Brace for impact.

Forgive me if I haven't cooked supper well.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

I like it that way.


They were afraid their way of life would soon end.

The garden is railed off from the path.

Then that means I lost everything.

I wanted Ruth to drive me to school.

Diane is making cookies.

I didn't feel particularly happy.

I knew you'd come through for me.

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Matzo, an unleavened bread, is eaten during Passover.

Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.

I'm good at skiing.

Tharen wished he could tell Barbra about what had happened.

Do you think about him a lot?

Where's my breakfast?

Yes, why not?

After looking through your file, we ask that you excuse us for any inconveniences caused.

What other forms do I need to fill out?

That was my idea.

We've never gone this way, have we?

You're not a good teacher.

There is a suspension bridge ahead of us.

I paid 2,000 yen for the parcel to be sent by air.

Max and Hitoshi like to dance.

It must be him.

I think they're wrong.


After the incident I came to have a higher opinion of him.


He cannot help accepting his boss's order.


I wish to go abroad.

He wants to participate in the contest.

At seven-thirty, we too closed the door behind us.

We have to crack down on illegal trading.

Envied bread tastes good.

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Ramanan doesn't seem to get it.

Among human beings, the subjection of women is much more complete at a certain level of civilisation than it is among savages. And the subjection is always reinforced by morality.

How old is Laurie?

Don't tell me Kieran finally said yes.

One-fifth of my wages go to taxes.


He lost his reason when he saw his house burned down.

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It's sand.


Where did you curse them?

Brenda came in.

As Japan approaches the 21st century, she is learning from Europe and making a necessary shift of economic focus from production for export to providing for the unprecedented needs of an aging population.

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Brender switched on the machine.

This is the pot he treasures most of all.

I assume it won't bother you if I take one of them.


I want something else to do.

May I ask what that means?

Maybe that's right.

I regret that I have spoken the truth.

I have a great deal to do tonight.


Did you think about that?

She started talking as soon as she got through.

Hegel's philosophy is so odd that no one would have expected him to be able to get sane men to accept it, but he did. He set it out with so much obscurity that people thought it must be profound.

I like things just the way they are.

My mom was a schoolteacher.

I called his office again and again, but no one answered.

The rain didn't stop, and went on for the whole day.


Did you eat the rest of the almonds?

I think Boyce is a little nervous about this.

Val and Phillip married when they were young.

Tor couldn't believe what was happening.

What does PTA stand for?

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Were you with them that night?

I rarely prepare for the world history lessons.

After the storm, the road was blocked with fallen trees.


On the one hand, I very much want to help you, but on the other, I already have previous commitments.

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You really do change your opinions often, don't you?

Only time will tell if he was right.

What kind of ranch did you grow up on?

We're hiding.

Turn left!


If you believe that by insulting you would solve the problem of fishermen, well, let me say, you deceive yourself.

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I'm not wealthy.


It is a bird.

I think you have made a mistake.

We need him here like we need a hole in the head.


Buckle your seat belts.


Her hair was as red as fire.

What're you going to tell her?

There's nothing more painful than losing one's loved child.

I will have been to Nagasaki three times if I go there again.

Let's walk to the bookstore.

Charlie is worried about his future.

He felt the pricks of conscience.

It's my fault.

I'm planning to move back to Boston next year.

Piotr grabbed Harvey by the hair.

We're about to have guests.

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Did you make any money out of that business?

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I want him on the phone.

Why are you washing your hands?

Basically my wife was immature. I'd be at home in the bath and she'd come in and sink my boats.


Pratapwant buried her toes in the warm sand.


He has achieved very good results.

You took the wrong key.

There's something uniquely interesting about Buddhism and mathematics, particularly about quantum physics, and where they meet. That has fascinated us for a long time.

A man must work.

She has a claim on her deceased husband's estate.

My husband is a doctor.

I love the way you walk.


You were very brave.


I was thinking about it.


Please ask at the information desk.

How's your new job going?

Finland supports Greece with a heavy heart.

It's the most sophisticated model on the market.

Everybody in the family wore glasses and Dan was no exception.

Where do you want me to put this suitcase?

Marcel is very thorough, isn't he?

I'll ask around and let you know what I find out.

If I don't get to Boston for the convention, my boss will fire me.

The teacher checks the class roster.

I don't even know him.

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Does Donn have fire insurance?


It wasn't me who started.

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I eat a banana.

Happiness is sometimes hard to find.

He is so aggressive that others avoid him.

The temperature fell several degrees.

That hat cost fifty dollars.


I have confidence in them.


Do you think Hughes will be convicted?


I don't need your opinion.


Sir shot us.

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Does Mr Ito teach history?

I want what you promised.

Love begins to emerge between the two.

Did Hector notice Josip was gone?

I can't stand him holding forth about his life experience.

Most analysts expected that Norma's offer would set off a new round of bidding for Rajeev.

Tanaka came into the living room, not wearing any pants.

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Can you go look for help?

Partly because he could not receive enough information, Harper's description remains imperfect.

I approve his suggestion.

This is too bright.

Have you ever read the Bible?

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I'm just catching my breath.

I suppose everyone thinks I'm in love with Kurt.

This is a code lock type that you can use on the entranceway as well.


I'm working on finishing my MBA.

We're on our own.

I'm dying of hunger.

Shakil wouldn't come.

How can you even ask that?

I want to take your temperature.

Sunil wouldn't approve.


I'll be there at once.

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I can't get in touch with them.

Maybe I'll see you in Boston.

She had the courage to say it.

Does he have what it takes?

A lie detector works by detecting changes in pulse and respiration.

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Tell Dimetry that he needs to apologize to Prakash.

I need to ask you some more questions.

Space has no "up" or "down."